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exponential population growth

Posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 18:28:37

could not be sustained, indefinately.
there needed to be some kind of a 'crunch'.
a mass culling.
because homo sapiens did not regulate it's own activities -- so nature had to do it for us.
or, because homo sapiens did not regulate things more humanely...
things are being regulated this way. in this way.

we need to 'stay home' because the public infrastructure is falling apart.

our trains can't go more than about 30ks / hour on the railway tracks because there is a risk of de-railment. i guess it's years of not maintaining them properly. it's also likely something to do with the weight or load of the trains. they aren't supposed to be so packed to overcrowding that we conned everyone into believing was 'normal'.

our bridges can't support the weight of the traffic. trucks are supposed to take certain routes. avoiding roads that aren't able to carry them. but they don't. they don't give their drivers rests the way they are supposed to. either the culture is just that they are supposed to do things wrong or... well, if you don't adopt the culture then that's when you get to experience the heavy-handedness that is the corruption. when you see that you lose your job if you do not comply with the law violations.

the only reason it isn't more apparent that things are very very corrupt in New Zealand is because people are dealing with an overly oppressed population that is overly compliant. people will just comply with whatever. if they are asked to commit atrocities they will commit atrocities.

that was what i saw when i was in the hospital. they put me in an isolation room in short stay / emergency department. a whole room. just me. the door closed. they actually aren't allowed to hold a person in isolation like that. when i said i wanted to leave there was up to 4 large (120kg + very fit pacific islanders) physically barring the exit so i physically could not leave. i was not under any order to stay. i repeatedly say 'you have no right to prevent me leaving. let me go about my lawful business' and they don't. i say 'you have no right. let me go.' their eyes glaze over. at moments it looked like they might be starting to see that they should let me go... but they are paid minimum wage to follow orders. to follow orders to keep me shut in an isolation room against my will in the short stay area of the Auckland City Hospital.

Was I sectioned under the mental health act? No. but apparently what they were doing was okay because *someone was coming. someone was on their way to section me. a doctor was coming to serve me papers saying they were allowed to keep me there, like that*.

Someone came.

He refused to supply his registration number.

He likely isn't registered to practice as anything at all.

It isn't really surprising that I started to fear they might decide to chop up my body and feed it to the cows.

Know why I was treated so badly??

I think it was because I had my GP's name. Dr Warlow. She's a GP at Auckland City Mission. That means I'm homeless and nobody would miss me. THey were asking about where my phone was. Where was my phone. Where was my phone. Who was my next of kin? Who were my contacts. I wanted a phone call... Who would I call?

I was not allowed to call police. They refused to connect me to police.

They refused to connect me to a lawyer.

I phoned my MOther.

There was smug satisfaction when MOther said 'oh, that's what happened to your sister Kerry. Comply. COmply. Take the medication. Do what they say. That's the only way you will get out.'


It really isn't safe for me, here.


New Zealand is awfully awfully corrupt.


THe NZ government recently increased beneficiaries payments by $25 per week.

They did this before the election so they would get more voted from beneficiaries.

They legislated to protect against rent increase until AFTER the election.
They did not legislate to protect against rent increase higher than rate of inflation.

That means that after the rents were allowed to be increased my landlord increased my rent by $50 per week.

In other words: The government decided that rental propery owners / managers should get a pay increase. The people who supply substandard accommodation should get more of a hand-out.

Is the landlord re-investing the money into improving the building? No. If the landlord improved the building then the landlord is allowed to increase the rent from the improvements. That's to say the general increase is about making more money off of tenants for personal profits not re-investing money off of tenants for development of healthy homes.


Things are too corrupt here for good business.

Our roads are falling apart.
Our briges are falling apart.
Our train tracks are falling apart.
Our sewers are not able to process the sewerage from teh international tourists...

100,000 NZers were sent back here from overseas.
People trying to make a living in hospitality and tourism and fashion and acting and the like in America or Europe...
THey basically are the cheap migrant workers who move for tourism... To get out... To see the world... SHuffling the migrant workers around...
They come back to NZ... They are supposed to pick fruit, I guess...

We don't do manufacturing.
Apparently we have this high quality merino wool... Possum wool...
But we can't get weaving and we can't get fashion...
We have these native timbers...
But we can't get carving. We can't get Furniture making.
We can't do furnature. High quality. NOt mass produced.
We can't do art.
We can't produce anything high quality. Desirable.
We only do mass production of garbage at the cheapest possible...
And people taking the piss.
Literally. Pissing in the produce. Putting needles in the produce.
Making oppressive art.
An oversized dog water bowl for the commuters on their way to work...

There are things you can't force slaves to do.
But the slavers lack the ability to tell the difference.

It's like Mad Men with the travelling worker.
Puttin gthe sign on the door
'Bad people live here'

THe passover...




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