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Re: keeping people

Posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 22:02:22

In reply to Re: keeping people, posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 21:47:52

I guess...
Looking at the Science Bachelor, Biology...

2 Calculus.
2 Physics.
2 Physical Chemistry.
Organic Chemisry.

Or maybe I'm getting confuzzled with pre-medical requirements...

I don't know how group work goes... I mean, I don't know if some of those bigger classes require group work or what...

I'd imagine you learn enough about the things so you are properly versed in why division of labor is a good thing later.

That was something I struggled with. How everybody was supposed to do their own Statistics for research in NZ -- but hardly anybody had high level training in Statistics.

I mean to say that the methodology... Particularly when you are dealing with the tiny little sample sizes we have (since it would be morally problematic to do that research in any other nation).. Uh... You really wondered about teh value of the study, honestly. Which, uh, is why they chose to fund that one! Doh!!

Anyway... Back to division of labor... Knowing enough about the tests that are supposed to be run.... SO you can look at ALL the relevant data. Not cherry pick the data in ways that make the study an attempt to hoodwink or swindle or waste time or con rather than a genuine contribution to knowledge and development.

Enough to tell the quality from the... People wanting hand-outs. Yeah.

So you can develop high quality research proposals for quality ideas. For good bets. In a responsible way.

To meet people whose job it is to administer funds and invest in high quality ideas. Responsibly. Things you want to see more of. Things it would be good to see more of.

And to try and come up with things worth investing in.

To try really reallyr eally really really really really really hard fo rpeople who chose to invest in you... So that you would do that.


At least it's getting WITH a project.

I mean.... It's University Housing. At the end of the day. Likely all the way up. In some Harry Potter room of requirement kind of a way.

Is a deer free if it's kept in an enclosure just larger than the size it normally or naturlaly roams?? So it never hits the walls.. ANd the predators are kept out and away. So it can live a 'natural' or 'normal' or productive life withotu predation.

That's the reality.

The bubble world.

Trying to see how to scale up... Trying to figure... A safe place where genuine work can be done...

With people working to protect that which is working to develop... Getting better at that, as well...

Managing admissions...

I wonder how much of a shake-up there is right now.

I wonder if my application will be consdiered at all, really.

Things seem to have imploded.



Two points moving towards each other... Slower and slower... The numbers... After the decimal places getting longer and longer and longer. Closer and closer longer and longer. Never touching. Falling.. Falling... Falling and slowing to infinity.

It's terrifying.

The space ripping open.

Does calculus get... Uh. MOre comforting?

Maybe I'm supposed to take comfort in the idea of getting closer withotu impact. I don' tknow.




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