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Re: exponential population growth

Posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 18:44:38

In reply to exponential population growth, posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 18:28:37

Our leaders were all smug about how we did 'timely action' but the USA did not.

But our lockdown was unlawful.

Our Government told people to 'stay home' when they had no authority to do so. The legality was tried (only after extensive foreign criticism).

Then it turned out that Trump was right: Jacinda might be much beloved (was manufactured out of a con-munications degree for that purpose / intention) but it relied on compliance... Bullying.... The whole 'be kind' and 'team of 5 million'... Co-ercion.

You might say 'for the right reasons'. And that might be right...

But when you have a population who does that for 'right reasons' you also need to ask how responsive to reason they are, generally, and how many things they are complying with when they are not responsive to reason, at all.

How many labor law violations?
How many millions of dollars of damage to infrastructure (that should have lasted x number of years) because of the legal violations (e.g., on maximum tonnage carried by road by trucks)?
How many wrongful deaths?

I wonder if there are wealthy people, here, who came by their wealth honestly. Who did not profiteer from law violations. Who did not exploit others for their own advantage either lawfully (because the laws are not developed) or unlawfully?

I understand the psychopaths of the world would have us believe that there are none.

But the psychopaths I know are very very very very very very small fish such tiny tiny fish in the pond that I suspect they are kept in their tiny pond precisely as some kind of quarantine... I suspect...

I don't know.




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