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Re: what's novel

Posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 22:19:49

In reply to Re: keeping people, posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 22:02:22

What's novel is age.

This idea of education as being tied to age.

This idea of being... Can I remember...


Freshman is 18 years old? First Year out of High School.

But it's confounded by transfer students. But transfer students apply for entrance as Sophomores or Juniors on the basis of credit from 3 year Community Colleges -- right??

Can you apply as a First Year Freshman when you aren't straight out of High School?

If you have a Degree from a country like NZ who refuses to acknowledge it's own Degrees after 5 years (or who refuses to acknowledge Degrees have been completed when requirements have been met) then does the applicant have to apply as a transfer applicant?

I guess we see...

What they choose to do...

One thing they said that I did not know. That I did not think of. That gives me good ideas... That was itself a good idea.

War veterans.

War veterans are considered a group for diversity inclusion.

You have young men (and young women) who chose (instead of going off to College) to serve their country because they believed that was a good thing for them to do for various reasons. Later in life... Honorably discharged for various reasons. Now maybe wanting to enter College as Freshmen.

Why not?

I guess they decide.

I was thinking it's super weird creepy and borderline inappropriate my going to College in the US in a system whereby the First Years are part of a dorm sharing cohort... You see these B grade American College Movies and there's always 'creepy guy' of the 40 year old attending frat parties trying to get with the 18 year old girls... I'm female so the 'creep' factor is reduced and I'm not there to meet girls or guys... But still...

But that's a way of having a cohort of older people. Insofar as there is room-sharing that is required to go on as part of the normal or usual or standard thing (without `special accommodations' -- so people can sort out their shared housing options etc for later years which, I understand, would be a good thing to do...

I guess they decide.

They are allowed. Because they are private (not public). And because as a private place that doesn't rely on a succession of public (government) hand-outs they actually lead the way in equity and so on... Actually... Genuinely... Because they actually have a handle on investment... And growing investment... Because they actually have better ability than anyone else to consider costs-benefits..

I wonder how much it may depend on match. In terms of their ability to get a cohort. Something like or approximating one. That depends on other applicants. Etc.

I don't know.

I have more faith in them using their reasoning and evidnece and discretion than anything else I've seen...


What to write in the essay...




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