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Re: keeping people

Posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 21:47:52

In reply to Re: exponential population growth, posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 21:10:56

I remember from ER...

How Carter was supposed to go to family fundraisers.
His grandmother was involved in charity work.
Finding things to invest the family wealth in.
That was supposed to be his job -- but he didn't want to do it. He wanted to go to Medical School.

But so that's the thing about being rich.
It's a full time job.
Managing the wealth.
Figuring out what to do with the money.
Where to put it. Who to give it to.
What are they going to do with it?
How's that going? Do you still support what they are doing with it?

And so on...

I'm glad that I don't have to do that.
I'm glad that other people are good at things like that.
I don't know that anybody in NZ is good at anything like that.
I see a constant succession of companies who are dreaming when they say what the likely return is...
There is something about that...
The finance companies. Irresponsible borrowing.
The really really high interest rates charged on loans where it's likely the people approved to borrow simply cannot pay back the loan.
Using the money invested for irresponsible lending.

Like... Giving your money to Westpac (New Zealand) so they can give really high interest loans to dementia patients (you would have to have dementia to think that interest rate was fair)... Where they cannot meet the payments...

Or... What will you invest in, then? Where will you put the money?

Or maybe... Maybe doing that isn't your thing (it isn't).
In which case... You will be limited in the amount of money that anybody can responsibly give you.
Sure. I understand that.
Don't give me a billion dollars. What on earth would I do with it??
I understand that.

You start with the basics. Housing.

I worry about housing.

I worry that first years are supposed to share a room with one other and a bathroom with 4 or 6 or 8 others or something like that...

I understand the reasons for doing that with first years.

Sharing with one other significantly or considerably decreases the liklihood of rape on campus and of sexual abuse (people making their way into another's room and then taking advantage of the situation). It makes bedrooms partly public spaces which actually works to protect the (especially female but also male) residents for the most part. I get it. I do. There are also issues potentially around studnents not knowing how / being able to clean up after themselves. Their bedooms. Their bathrooms. It eliminates problems from first year but it lets the college note which studnets are prolematic for the future... It helps studnets select into shared accommodation in later years (where was something about how studnets can apply to single rooms or shared apartments in later years so seems studnets can decide how they want to live in later years)...

So it sounded ideal. Actually. Suck it up a bit for one year. Then you do get to state your preference. So... Yeah... So...

Or maybe I'll get to live in my own room because they don't want to get Covid from me...

I know I'm not supposed to put this much thought into it. But this is me...

I guess I'm asking for 8 years.. I guess I'm asking to spend the rest of my life working towards something in a system...

I'm really thinking about whether it's something I want to do.

My mother would say I should settle here. You see. I could live more cheaply. I could live off of op shop Hamilton clothes. $2 for this and that. Just wear clothes that are the best of the selection in the $2 bin and the like. Just do that. Don't need a car or a motorcycle. Mother doesn't. Save money that way. Don't need to go out. Don't need to buy things. Just find the cheapest things and buy the cheapest things because they are the cheapest things. Don't need holiday. Just don't spend money. Live like there is no money and hoard all the money... Surround yourself as much as possible by people with less money so you feel rich.

Move out to some suburb of a cheap location and just stay home all day.

Dno't have anything to do with people who spend money.



I don't wnat to live, like that.

THen move in with people with money and free-ride off of them. The government employeee people who get paid a lot for their exploitating others. You gotta beat them at their own game and get better at negotiating with them. Agree to eat with them 5 meals a week in exchange for a room in their house... Negotiate things... Then when you spend time with them they choose the activity and duration and you just make noises to make them feel good about tehmself and in exchange you have a roof over your head and food and figure things out like that.

You don't have to have sex and be wife, exactly. Or raise kids. People want other kinds of relationships.

I don't want to live, like that.

Then use the money you have as leverage for other people doing things you want them to do

What do I want people to do?


Co-operative activity.

The job for which they are paid.

Process the application.


According to the laws. That are supposed to govern how you process applications. Do your job.


They don't process the application.
They don't process the enrolment.
They don't process the thing that is to be graded to grade it by internatioal standards.
They don't do any of the things.

You are required to string together their power-points only.
You are required to get them to tell you what to write and you write that down only.
Or you are required to huddle with a group (kids of doctors or senior officials) and mimic them so as to be indistinguishable so as not to be singled out for being failed out.

There is no meritocracy...


Apparently there is lots of group work.
I'm not keen on group work.

But being productive...

Involves letting others contribute to typos and incomplete sentances and the like. Because you need to put your work away and incubate before these things have visual pop out salience. But if you swap with someone else their mistakes pop out without an incubation period. So by collaborating you can produce higher quality work faster.

So... It is important to do group work. It is important to learn your role in the group. Maybe I'm really good at those kinds of editing things. Or maybe most people are as good. Maybe my strength is something I don't know yet becuase I haven't done much group work. Maybe some kids I work really especially well with. Or maybe which kids in particular doesn't matter so much.

I could learn a lot about group work. Working in mutually beneficial groups. For the production of really great pieces that involve expertise of different people working together.

I'm super excited about that.

The way we do things here is you get your work done (the bits you can do really really well) and someone goes 'noooooooooooo rubbish rubbish I don't like it take this out and replace it with that and take this out and replace it with that. And it doesn't go to examiners until I've re-writen it for you. And then it goes out late. And then examiners fail you because they think I'm sh*t. Yay. Let's do research in NZ!!!'

aka: Research. Not done. In NZ...




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