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Re: Dillworth

Posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 23:27:09

In reply to Re: Dillworth, posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 23:14:02

And so I'm fairly sure that were I live there's security cameras trained on my door so the odious landlords (and who knows whom else) can get their jollies watching me or livestreaming me for whatever odious purposes they have. Likely cameras inside my house as well. Because -- well because why wouldn't you if you thought you can get away with it?

But then you get sick or injured and other people decide whether to help you or whether to take advantage.

And other people know what kind of a person you are. Whether you would help or whether you would take advantage.

And so what do you think will happen?

People don't think.

Or they think that whether they help or harm doesn't make any difference so may as well take people for everything they can for the short amount of time they have...

Odious people.

Locked out of the developed world.

Keeping slaves and children to abuse. Keeping adults and children to abuse. Keeping them 'mentally disordered' and 'physically disordered'. Sedated on psychiatric medication or cannibus or whatever to keep populations compliant and stupidly doing the stupid things...

NOt developing.

The roads falling apart.
The bridges about to fall down.
The trains about to de-rail.
The buildings sprouting mould from under cheap paintwork.

The superficial things wash off in the rain...

And you see what's underlying. What's lurking.

The reality of the situation.

Tiem to get out.

We know this because it's a time when they market / advertise as when people are being sent back.

It's an exchange.

They say it's the 'brain drain' but it's the opposite.

People coming back because they weren't... They were contributing overseas to... What???

Trying again with the re-distribution...


THe programme in Australia...

The problem was lack of freedom.

When you have people who are internally motivated.
Self-motivated from within.

What you need to do is give them a rein.

It's like horses..

Some of them you have to be on them all the time.. Kicking kicking kicking. Lazy buggers.

Our managers treat everyone like that.

You get a horse that's internally driven...

You can steer... Steer strongly...

But (insofar as there is a shared goal)...

Is there??

The jumpers like to jump clear.
The racers like to come first.

Shared goal.

Production of good outputs.
Or a little bit of progress towards something worthwhile.
Development of a bit of a technique.
Good work... NOthing to see here. Good to know. We can move along... In better directions...

Australia doesn't have a concept / conception of academic freedom. Giving the people with the capacity enough rein to do the job.

They don't want the job to be done.

NO manufacturing of the primary stuff they are hauling from the ground.
Sell it to foreign for dollars.
Not able to process it for in-house use or to produce high quality refined for international market.
Not producing weightlifting barbells when that's valued. Still on about Sweden. Sweden can't supply the world. Why can't Australia provide for it's people. NO steel? Can't manufacture within Olympic Specifications? Can't??

NZ has steel apparently. Recently. I didn't realise.. Construction. It isn't alimunum beams and struts. It's steel.

THat's the level of devo we are talking.

That is the level of devo. Generally.

Quality. Quality steel and quality concrete. To specifications. Engineering. Doing what you are supposed to do because you don't want the buildings to fall down and mass murder thousands of people.


We are not there, yet.




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