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Re: Dillworth

Posted by alexandra_k on September 24, 2020, at 22:17:18

In reply to Re: Dillworth, posted by alexandra_k on September 24, 2020, at 22:05:18

Sigh. Aw. I'm a sucker for 'street cred'. I never grew up from College, clearly.

I brought a belt today. Which was significant. I've never owned a belt. I have wanted one for a very very very long time. My friend x had one in College and I really liked it... It was a red fabric one and she could set it to exactly where she wanted it because it had some grab mechanism... But I couldn't find one... So I sort of boycotted them in disgust... But I've wanted an 'ordinary' black leather one for a while... I needed one so my couple pairs of over-sized jeans would stay properly up.

And they do, now. It's remarkable. They've gone from being very un-styl-ie too baggy in not cool ways to actually being... Pretty great. Which is why I brought them. If only they sit up properly about my waist, which they do now. So they hang better in the leg. Pretty good. Not my favorite style, exactly, but pretty good. Slightly 'wedgie' -- which is actually a 'style' now, would you believe. Slightly 'Dad's pants' -- which is also a style now, would you believe. I actually think there is something 'all the things that could go wrong when you are trying to find cool jeans' about the names of the present styles. Then they make it look like they are trying to sell those as distict looks. Irony. Something like that... Anyway.. They actually look alright. IMHO. With a belt. Hmmm.

My sister gave me a bunch of clothes -- which is great. Clothes I actually feel pretty alright in. Which is great. But not clothes that I would have chosen for myself... So slightly strange. Yeah. I don't know. I forgot how good I feel when I'm wearing clothes that I really really like. Regardless of how anybody else feels about them. Clothes that I really really like. That were really really chosen by me. Because I really really like them. Just how comfortable and... Myself. How comfortable and myself I feel.

Jeans are genuinely tricky. Especially for girls. Because girls weight fluctuates throughout the month. How much water you carry etc. And the trouble with cotton jeans is they are very stiff when they are washed and they wear into a more relaxed fit. And so the jeans vary and the weight varies... And then some girls are curvy -- and I'm a bit curvy. So then you have to get the jeans over your hips as the widest part of you... But denim isn't naturally elastic so then they will be a bit saggy / baggy... So to get jeans fitting women's body-shape at any time of the month is tricky in the first place and then fit varies at different times of the month... Which is why girls need so very very very very many pairs of jeans. IMHO. And it no excuse for lycra. Noppers. Not for jeans. Jeans are not yoga pants. Noppers.




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