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Re: Crops

Posted by alexandra_k on September 26, 2020, at 17:42:26

In reply to Re: Crops, posted by sigismund on September 26, 2020, at 0:01:02

> They created a market for water trading. If I were on the Darling River 800km to the west with a licence to pump (what little there is) I could sell my allowance. Then these could be traded to and by third parties.

Well, that doesn't seem fair / shouldn't be allowed. There should be something to limit that / re-distribute the surplus more fairly.

I remember in Canberra there were two golf courses and one was saying they would probably have to close. The older of them was getting water for free from Lake Burley Griffith. They arranged that before water was so scare. The other had to pay market rates to water the greens. It was running the latter out of business.

It just doesn't seem fair.

> Cotton makes less sense than rice which can be dryland rice.

I did not know there was such a thing as 'dryland rice'. I thought it needed to be in paddies the way strawberries like to have their feet wet.

Yes, people are tribal.

I think the US does well to harness some of that for good. By doing it in arbitrary ways. Dividing people into roughly equal groups on arbitrary grounds to bring out the bonding / comrarderie within by giving them an opponent. Competition. Arbitrary things. E.g., different Universities within a league or whatever. Then different schools within the University or whatever. Give them a color. Give them something to rally about (sports or whatever). To bring out the best in the tribal aspect.

I think NZ is a case study in tribalism gone wrong. I hate to say it, but... We did okay with the Super12 rugby -- getting that to grow out of regionals. But otherwise... Otherwise no. I think we do so badly at it because we don't get it. In some important sense. It becomes about the big guy annihilating everyone / everything else. It becomes a tyrrany. Oppressive. Driving everything else to extinction. Most particularly it goes wrong because people think the aim of the game is to run themselves up the local hierarchy.

For example, the Head of Universities New Zealand thinking that his job was to compete with the local Trade Schools to grubbity grub grub grub up all the studnets (with their student fees). He honestly seemed to think that his job was to persuade all the kids who had the capacity to be really wonderful electritions and plumbers and builders and carpenters and motorcycle and car and truck mechanics and... To persuade all of them that they'd rather get a Degree in marketing or advertising or... And he forgot... That his role... Was quality assurance... So that New Zealand would actually have these institutions that were actually recognised internationally as 'Universities' (instead of community colleges). And he mistakenly thought that flunking people out of Degrees (after grubbity grub grub grubbing up all the money) would improve their standing on the world stage (when really it just lets the International commuity know that good people cannot do business with us becuase bad tyrants have taken control of here).



I think I might be realising... That if I wanted to be a lawyer (which I don't) I likely would want to be a supreme court judge. Yeah. It's about trying to divine what the intention of the founding fathers was / should have been. Something like that. Yeah. That's right. To ensure that the American Dream... The ideology that resulted in the US becoming the 'freedom, equality, and justice for all' nation that immigrants would flock to *because they believed it to be the best*... To try and keep things on track / in check for that... And the power to impeach the government... I need to learn more... But, yeah, an important function of law. And of course their paperwork needs to be impecable. Considering ALL THE RELEVANT THINGS. And so on. Yeah.

I think Trump is allowed to appoint a judge while he is in power. That's what it means to be in power. To have the power to do that. There might be a convention that you don't do things like that in an election year -- but is there a rule to that effect? Is he circumventing usual process to get things through in a rush? Seems not. Seems they basically maintain something of a list of who is up should something happen to presently seated ones. So the replacement has been there... Not quite waiting for someone to curl up and die... But, uh, waiting for someone to curl up and die. In fact. Huh. Yeah. Toxicology, anyone?? Just in case... Jeepers...


So, in NZ our highest level is parliamentary intent. The statutes. Sometimes they say clearly in the statute that parliament intends this or that. E.g., parliament intends this statute to apply to trade schools also so there is no question. Other times you might need to engage in a bit of history or whatever if there is documentation on what the government was looking at when it drafted the law. But parliamentary intent is supreme.

Of course it wouldn't be reasonable to think that parliament signed up to ratify this, that, or the other international thing while intending to fail or refuse to do the things required of it. In this way we can scaffold 'meeting our international obligations' as something that parliament intended to do when it signed up.

So when it signs up for anti-corruption and so on...

We are the last to ratify most things. We say 'it's because we know we can't meet it. Other countries sign up and don't meet it. We knew we couldn't (aka we wouldn't) meet it so we refused to sign up'. But all it means in practice is that we aren't where the other countries are at, yet. We plan to drag things out to take 10 years to get to the point of signing up without meeting.

ASB and BNZ (New Zealand banks -- the large ones, I think) are being investigated (or were found guilty of) money laundering. Internationally. Because we don't prosecute corruption locally.

It needs to be done under 'judicial review of administrative action' I think... I think that is the mechanism. One of the remedies is removal from office.

I've asked for the head of Universities NZ to be removed from office. His statutory function is to uphold the quality of NZ Tertiary education. THey have a whistle-blower complaints document. I did everything I needed to do to lay a complaint. They refused to investigate. So: Of with his head. He refuses to do his statutory function: Off with his head. It's the only language many of our highest paid government CE's understand.

A lot of academics at Waikato complained about racism at the University. The head of the University commissioned (how much did he pay and to whom?) a report to be written. Apparently evey single particular instance of racism that was brought before them was dismissed as unestablished or something like that. But I don't think they know the difference between someone refusing to investigate (and proclaiming rubbish rubbish pooh pooh) and someone actually investigating and finding insufficient evidence of wrong-doing. I mean... I genuinely don't htink the guy has the cognitive capacity to hear the difference. He thinks he's clever in apprehending that there is no difference... He doesn't realise that he's morally and cognitively deficient for playing stupid when it comes to something that is obvious to everybody else.

He needs to be removed.

He refused to investigate the complaints.

He said the outcome of the investigation was that there is systematic racism in the western university system (but no particular complaint was upheld).

In other words he's trying to drive a wedge between Maaori and 'university'. I suppose it's because he wants a 'wananga' (apparently Maaori for University??) that is not a 'university' in western contexts. I don't think Waikato gets international monies from western international students. I think it traffics in asian internationals only...

There's something wrong with him. Universities NZ guy as well. There's a smugness in their demenour... I wonder how much of a 'ring' there is, really, with these people at the top of Universities in NZ and the whole trafficking in teenagers for weird bondage sexual preferences of these senior people in NZ...

Something about AUT...

It is tiresome that the international community has to police NZ.

But at least there does seem to be good international recognition now that that's what they need to do, in fact. Most of our senior people cannot be trusted. Drunk with their own power when really they need to be deposed.

The issue is that you could spend your life interacting with them... Or you could get out.

It's a no brainer.

I guess that's why they keep slaves. Nobody would volutnarily choose to play with them.




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