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Re: Dillworth sigismund

Posted by alexandra_k on September 20, 2020, at 20:58:22

In reply to Re: Dillworth alexandra_k, posted by sigismund on September 20, 2020, at 1:55:47

i would be surprised if it mostly was coal.

i suspect 'coal' is a front for other things they are getting from the ground. uranium, or whatever. diamonds. gold. whatever else. things they don't want people knowing about, so much. being refined (overseas) into things they would rather not think about. a short-term get-rich-quick sort of a scheme. get it out and get it sold before anybody thinks too much about it.

used to be a thing for New Zealanders. go off to Australia for a few years. Work in the mines. send the money back home. Driving heavy trucks into and out of the mines all day. Nice new trucks. Powerful trucks. Carrying heavey loads. Long routes into and out of the mines all day. Really good pay for drivers who were reliable on those roads.

Then see about getting the family out. Or whatever...

Don't know about now.


New Zealand just went the 'low low low how low can we go lower than low we found a new low' route to 'growth'.

Whereby anything that wasn't obviously about as low as we could go was chased out of town.

We only want to hire the Doctors who nobody else will hire. So we can treat them badly with low pay and bad working conditions.

We only want the studnets who are 'lucky' we picked them to join our new low. Because the demonstrated ability to plagarise when we told them to and lie about their lab findings when we told them to. Hand in work we wrote for them late for examination so they get pity sign off from overseas years and years and years late so they might get picked to join us on our new low.

Wrongful death after wrongful death after wrongful death. Sorry. That's just how we roll... Always rolling lower and lower and lower than low.




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