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Re: Crops

Posted by alexandra_k on September 26, 2020, at 17:57:14

In reply to Re: Crops, posted by alexandra_k on September 26, 2020, at 17:42:26

And I suppose it is that they didn't have mothers. So this is the way they cry for help. This is their pathology. They are genuinely throwing tantrums waiting for a little help, a little attention, from people powerful enough to come along and require them to do their actual jobs, perform their actual function.

I guess what happens is that people go to University and many of them chose to apply overseas. Usually it's because they become interested in something that isn't done here. People overseas are working on whatever and people here are not. People here are not working on anything particularly inspiring or motivating or whatever. Undergraduates here typically don't have much exposure to what the senior academics are working on, anyway. You get to reading about things overseas and you realise that if you want to keep learning then you have to go.

But other people don't. They aren't intellectually or academically curious like that. Rather, their attention is focused on their local hierarchy and they want to get up to the top of that as quickly as possible. So they get through their Degrees and take the next highest one and their aim is to get to the end of University in New Zealand as quickly as possible so they can get a job earning money with the qualification as move their way up the employment hierarchy as quickly as possible...

And these hierarchically inclined people who are after money don't really understand the people who take summer courses in excess to requirements 'for fun'. They think these people who are intellectually curious etc etc are stupid.

And now they've grubbed their way up to the top they make hiring decisions and they often seem to intentionally hire the poorest-paid most un-inspired most un-motivated academics they can find... I suppose to motivate this world-view whereby all the studnets at University are working to grub their way up the hierarchy in the minimum time only. That's what it's about. Because there's nothing to be academicaly curious or motivated *about* at the University.

And then you can start removing the journals from the shelves at the library to start limiting studnets exposure to things where they might get ideas in their heads.. And you can remove the books from the shelves... And you can encourage them to watch youtube and tv only and not to read... And you can try and remove the products of civilisation and culture... Remove the works of art... Remove the theatre performances by people with talent... Just remove it all get rid of it...

So everybody wants to be VC.


Of course.

Everybody wants to be head of the local hierarchy of mindless zombie children doing whatever you say whenever you say because you say because whether you enrol them and what you enrol them in and what grades you give them and all of that is entirely at your discretion.

Oh wonderful tyrant.

Nobody would voluntarily sign up for that.




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