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Re: Dillworth

Posted by alexandra_k on September 20, 2020, at 19:18:04

In reply to Re: Dillworth alexandra_k, posted by sigismund on September 20, 2020, at 1:55:47

I'm sorry about all the posts.

I'm just spinning...

I have to get out of NZ. The message is loud. Clear. Univocal. I have to get out of NZ. There is nothing for me here. Nothing.

I am only wasting my time on anything to do with here.

It's only wasting my time reading the NZ news.
It's only wasting my time researching anything to do with NZ.
Even the court cases...
The long (long long long) list of this senior official and that senior official. The head of here there and everywhere...
The CE of University of AUckland.
'' UNiversity of Otago
'' University of Waikato
'' Tertiary Education Commission
'' Universities NZ
'' Vice Chancellors Committee
'' New Zealand Qualifications Authority
'' So many other subsidiaries and subcontractors and so on and so forth thereof who all earn 1/2 a million dollars per year to obscure the fact they have no actual function

'' Minister of Education.
'' New Zealand Government.

There's no Universities here. No education system. No merit based external examination. No objective merit based grading.

There's no freedom to choose what you study.

It's centralised. It's always teh case that people are forcing people to do this that or the next thing from whatever limited range of options they pre-approve for them.

There's nothing here.


I can only understand the present situation as a blip..

--- blip.

For the purposes of getting me out??

Doesn't seem likely...

There are likely lots of people like me.

Something is shifting. Has shifted. That's for sure.

Usually... There is an element of seeing what the masses are doing and setting out in the reverse direction.

Because the masses are unsustainable. The infrastructure cannot support swarms of locusts.

People are returning to NZ. People set out from NZ from overseas and they are returning on masse... They say they were successful overseas -- but if they were tehy wouldn't be returning. Why are they returning? Because they think things will be better here, I guess. Because we aren't as locked down. Because it looks like we were able to avoid Covid by the strength of isolation. Quanrantine Island.

But I've seen inside the infrastructure. Popped the hood.
It's luck of geograhpical location rather than good management.
There will be the threat of our hospitals being swamped into the indefinate future...
The constant threat of it...
And you look, then, on what we are doing to prepare.
What are we doing to prepare?
We are mostly engaging in denial.
Patting ourselves on the back for something that is not of our making.
Refusing to look at the things we could do to get ready...


I will stop looking at the news etc.

I will focus on my essays... Blip. Focus on the essays.

The novelty of a New Zealander seeking political asylum as a refugee in the US might appeal... Especially once I say something about refual to process refual to process refusal to process refusal to process...

GPA and examination information is worthless...

Because they can't keep accurate transcripts. They can't examine. They won't examine. They won't keep accurate transcripts.

How is the US supposed to process asylum seekers?

I guess it has to be on hte basis of essays. Tell your story. They can look into aspects...

ONe thing for sure: There's nothing for me, here.




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