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Re: I wrote to them.

Posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 22:39:26

In reply to Re: what's novel, posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 22:27:18

I wrote to the people who administer the Step Examinations.
I asked them very nicely if they might consider allowing me to (pay for and take) the Step Examinations without having been enrolled in a Medical School for the reason that NZ Medical Schools were refusing to process my application to Medical Schools likely because they were concerned that my Step Scores would exceed those of their chosen candidates (the children of doctors and senior officials).

I said I thought I could probably do better than the NZ students who were enrolled in Med School because I had time to study for the examination but they would have to spend a lot of time learning not to pat Maaori kids on the head because it was culturally inappropriate (nobody actually likes being patted on the head -- do they??).

I wrote in my thesis about this idea of a hierarchy... And in the Step 1 exam book that was how it was laid out. Your score in Step 1 was supposed to determine what specialities you could apply to match to. So you needed really high score for dermatology and lower scores for obgyn or pediatrics.

There was some stuff published about how people choose derm only because they have the scores for it so think they should... Then years later regret not having pursued what they were passionate about (e.g., internal). And about people matching to peds not because they love children but because they feel forced because they didn't get the scores they wanted for what they actually were passionate about.

Also.. Concern that people at the top schools were too focused on studying for highest possible examination scores so they weren't getting to have a good college experience learning things like physical exams in small group contexts or the history of discovery of vitamins or learning so many of the great things that could be learned in their wonderful curriculum...

So anyway... Short of it is that it is now pass-fail.

They have... Sigh................. Breathe iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin... Pause. Breathe out... Let's take a step back. Let's stop micro-managing for a minute and let's take a step back and observe...

Let's observe...

Let's try and get people to take a breath and reeeeeeeeeeeelax... ANd instead of speaking from what they believe they *should* do (with respect to playing a game and beating the system and aiming high and settling for what you get)... What do people *actually and genuinely want*. Also: *why*.

To try and genuinely maximise a good fit. A good match. For mutual development. Good investment good return.

What speciality or location or whatever... Tell us 4 or 5 things that you want (and why so we get a handle on what you value and whether you are a coherant individual with a genuine plan or whether you are computer generated nonsense spouter with no plan)...

And let's see what we can do..


I think...

I hope..

I hope I get something.

I hope I get my first choice.

I hope I get something.

I really really really really hope I get my first choice.

Or my second choice (4 years at my first choice).

But I'll put in other applications for other choices...

But my first choice.. It a really great choice.

ANd there are so many 'requirements' that it would be totally easy for them to flunk me out at any point if I"m not keeping with the programme. Really... So it's not really such a very very very very ver high risk for them.

Which is (I guess) why they are (maybe) going to consdier processing me for the opportunity.





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