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Re: Dillworth

Posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 23:40:57

In reply to Re: Dillworth, posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 23:27:09

You could just spend your life arguing with idiots about garbage...

Apparently there's someone at the moment saying that mammograms can't distinguish between cancerous density and fibrous density so people should get a density reading from the mammogram and get an MRI if they have fibrous patches. This is 'cutting edge helping Medicine develop' advise.

mmm kay... Except that MRI also won't distinguish those things and MRI's are expensive. Know what Pathoma says is the ONLY thing that will distinguish those things? Biopsy sample. Look at the cells under the microscope and see if they are rapidly dividing or not. Or you could keep an eye on a fibrous patch and see if it rapidly grows or not.

They are trying to racialise colon screening. Apparently Maori get earlier onset so having the same age for screening is inherintly racist.

There was a wonderful article writen by a NZ Med school graduate who matched to and was practicing bowel... Surgery?? In the US. He said that the issue was known family history. If someone has a relative with bowel cancer they need to be screened 10 years earlier than when their relatives was discovered. This way we can do away with the 'race' aspect and make it 'family history aspect'. More Maori have in fact relatives who have died of bowel cancer at an early age. Important to screen tehm earlier. But some European etc families do too and important to screen them earlier as well. It's about doing things f*ck*ng properly and it doesn't have to be a squabble about race. We don't need to racialise it.

The issue is that we don't have enough people to do the bowel screening.

We refuse to pay people to do the screens.

He was saying when you book a screen you time budget removal of 3 polyps. You remove the 3 worst and send them to lab. Maybe you got the cancer removing the 3 worst. Maybe you removed benign. It's a way of screening really keeping mortality down.

But of course our 'screening' isn't that kind of biopsy (and 3 worst tumor removal) 'screening'. Our 'screening' is that an unregistered and untrained person 'has a bit of a look'





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