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Re: exponential population growth

Posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 20:17:02

In reply to Re: exponential population growth, posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 19:59:35

I guess I don't understand what she plans to do with it.

Actually, yes, I do.

It's quite the rage, at the moment, in NZ, for 'retirement villages' to basically promise you a lovely lifestyle with all the things you value... In exchange for everything you have.

So... If you have however much in savings then you can give it to the retirement village in exhange for a good quality of life for the rest of your days.


Mother's preferred child is my sister X.

My sister X could inherit, I suppose, in an exhange for looking after Mother for the rest of her days.

The trouble is that X doesn't want to look after Mother any more than the rest of us want to. Mother... Would pay you so she could abuse you because she likes to abuse you. That's the kind of a set-up that Mother wants...

She doesn't back off when people need her to. She pushes, and pushes, and pushes, and pushes... She needs a lot of energy and attention from the people around her to babysit her, basically, and explain things to her all the time. And she refuses to listen. She makes really really bad decisions. And you are supposed to let her make them and let her come around in her own time. She's always going on and on about how she does something because (someone else) suggested it and it's best thing ever why didn't someone tell her years ago? And you have been telling her for years. And she didn't listen. And she doesn't listen. She enjoys people being upset and angry... She loves inducing vile emotions. She likes setting people against each other. Sowing dissent. Creating confusion. She likes the drama of it. She's not very pleasant to be around.

You phone her and she wants to tell you everything she's DONE and everything that's HAPPENED. There's no meaningful connection. There's a tirade of what she's DONE and everything that's HAPPENED. Particularly with a narrative of what her neighbours are up to and a chastisement of how they never open their curtains for the windows that she can see in -- because she likes to spend a lot of time sitting in her conservatory trying to see into their windows for higher quality narrative of what the neighbours are up to.

Hmm... I wonder why X doesn't relish the thought of having Mother living in a unit or something attached to her house. Mother would be scrutinising every single thing that cost money. She would be doing a narrative of all the things X spent money on. All the things that money was spent on. Condemning. Chastising.

Not realising that the reason why she would want to live with X is because... X has more money than the rest of us. MOre incoming. Gets to spend more outgoing. The reason why it's comfortable staying with X is because X spent money on things like decent beds. Quality chattels. The air quality. The comfort. The niceness of it all... Is because she'd generous of heart and spirit... That warmth... The things that you can choose to foster and invest in with money... But Mother will criticise it and it will wither and die and dry up and she'll be victorious!

It's a horrible thing.... That you really need to limit time spent with my Mother.

You have to draw firm boundaries around 'no -- these are not issues I'm going to talk with you about' when she gets into some moods... 2 year old toddler tantrum kinds of things. SOmetimes you can tell when you are talking to her that she's picking for a fight or something.

Limit time spent.

She can also be surprisingly great. Depends on things.. What else is going on in her life, I suppose.


I don't suppose that I will want to come back and practice, here.

It might be possible to come back and practice, here, but I'd need to be qualitied etc. With a salariy agreed in advance. And with infrastructure compoonents also agreed upon. Things like the buildings and the computer support and so on. And it be eithe rit works... Or you leave.

People from here basically see me as someone with no bargaining power. And (worse) they see themselves as justified or entitlted to exploit a person in that position for everything they can get.

Which means that down the track...

Altruism / beneficience is not something appropriately displayed when it comes to NZ government or ministries or companies or anything. These thigs are expploited and extinguished. People with these qualities are taken advantage of and... Murdered. Extinguished. The attempt to drive it into extinction.

They are not qualities that can flourish here.

Co-operation doesn't get up off the ground here.

I don't imagine I'd be required to return.

Visit, sure. So you can see how things are developing.
2 years, sure. So you hav etime to see how things are developing. To really investigate and look into things. Not how they are advertised.
To try and hunt out the lower-key pockets of genuine opportunity.

But there is no working your way up. Because we have large institutions and they make superficial judgements and they are very very very very very very corrupt. They refuse to do any of the things they are supposed to do. They only forward people who will work within the current corrupt system.


Time to get out.




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