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Re: exponential population growth

Posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 19:59:35

In reply to Re: exponential population growth, posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 19:48:06

I think I maybe spent $5,000 of it.
Not on a motorcycle. Becuase if I got a motorcycle I'd need to spend maybe $300 for a service every 6 months... Maybe... ANd occasionally more for parts...
And insurance would be maybe $1,000 for one year.
And registration would be maybe $300 for one year.

So my Mother's offer of $10,000 'and that's all you are getting' was basically saying if I spent $5,000 on a motorcycle I could keep it on-road for 5 years and that's it.

WHen I was talking to her about investing in becoming a medical doctor in the US. Which would (if it happens) provide me with an actual career with an actual salary. I'm not doing it for the money... But I guess I expect that I will get someplace habitable to live and I will be able to afford transport etc... AN actual career...

She actually prefers to keep me as a retarded child. I remember the expression she would get on her face when she started going to 'tough love' and she got to confess all NA and AA style not about HER crimes but about MY crimes. What a horrid child I was that I was so hard for her to love. That was what she told me she was doing. She would leave me home alone when I was 11 or 12 so she could go to 'New Image' or 'SIngles' club to try and find a new man to pay her way... And 'tough love' where she could tell strangers about what a hard to love monster I was... She loved telling me that. About how hard it was to find a man with me (who she had for my father only I wasn't good enough to keep him around)...

Mother didn't have many friends.

I can understand why.

But that wasn't my fault.

I don't have friends... Because I've got this thing abuot professional career... But we don't appear to have these in NZ...

Things are too corrupted, here.


I brought a bicycle. Because it was exercise. It was $1,000. It was $2,000 for lights and helmet and a lock and so on... I don't know / remember.

ANd because I'm forced to live on disability I don't have money for clothes and the like. So she's all like 'oooooh do you want some money? Would you like some money? I can send you some money? Some money for shoes?? Would you like some money for shoes? It's YOUR money. Would you like some of YOUR money. TO spend on the things you like? I find shoes for $2 from the family op shop. But you should spend $200 on gym shoes... Have YOUR money...'

I really don't like my mother.


The money she got from my brothers death.

If she divided that up between the remaining siblings...

That's what she's referring to as 'my money'. Best I can figure.

My share in how much cash she made from my brother's death.

I think that's it.




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