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Re: exponential population growth

Posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 18:58:58

In reply to Re: exponential population growth, posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 18:44:38

Because nothing *grows*, here.

There's exploitation relation. But no genuine *growth*.
There's no mutual benefit where the overall size of the pie is larger precisely because of the different players playing different roles a genuine division of labor. There's no co-operation.

There is co-incidence. But co-incidance of individuals looking to exploit if they think they can get away with it is a situation that is inherantly unstable. And the cost of trying to police...

You just need to quarantine the situation as best you can. Confine it within an island or something. Then get yourself back out and away...

Nobody does any of the things that they are supposed to do, here.
People don't even know what their job is. What their job is supposed to be.

For example: The Vice Chancellor's Committee is supposed to be about the quality and integrity of New Zealand University Qualifications. That is to say that it is supposed to be on improving our standing internationally. That is to say that it is supposed to be on increasing the amount of internationally recognised research that is produced.

But in practice, what the CE had done with it... He has tried to compete locally with trade-schools. The idea has been to try and con as many local studnets as possible to take out loans and to pay fees to Universities in New Zealand rather than getting a job from school and rather than going to trade-school. So the focus locally has been on trying to make as much money as possible from studnets. Similarly, they have tried to force Degrees to run over-time (so studnets pay more than the minimum or normal fees) by threatening to fail studnets / refuse to sign them off.

And internationally the focus, again, has been on trying to get studnets to invest in coming here. For a 3 year Degree (it's cheaper than anywhere else in teh English Speaking world because of our exhange rate being favorable compared to England and Australia and Canada)... Then, once they start we force things to run over-time. Bully them with failure (you will leave with nothing if you don't agree to keep working and keep paying fees for more years). Apparently 5 years after choosing to invest in a NZ qualification 30 per cent are still in NZ. That likely means still working on their 3 year Degree.

So it's become a race to the bottom.

The Vice Chancellor's Committee... I suppose the thought is that they pay for themselves. The money they make off of the studnets they conned.. Both locally and internatioally... The money they got that they are not entitled to (that they would not have got without such under-handed business practices) pays for the Vice Chancellor's Committee. I'm sure it does. I'm sure they have created their own jobs. I'm sure the 1/2 a million dollars that this one gets and 1/2 a million dollars that that one gets would only be very modest salaries (perhaps less than $100,000 per year) without all the shameful corruption.

THe Vice Chancellor's Committee was supposed to be about how we can support and encouage studnets to high quality output in less time. That is to say getting work to examiners in a timely fashion where examiners said that that was enough for the Degree! The development of local journals would be an obvious thing to invest in, also. Where overseas examiners, again, determine which get published. Instead of the local people signing off on their in-breds (where those overseas who don't know who is the daughter or f*ck-buddy of who can only go on objective quality)...

Anyway... POint is they ruined the whole thing. Undermined the whole thng.

The VCC whose job was to investigate whistle-blower allegations and sort things out to save our international reputation instead chose to squash adn ignore allegations. Instead chose to iteself engage in pratices that should be the subject of allegations. Those employed to regulate became the biggest offenders.

WE don't have Universities in NZ. We don't let studnets work to international standards of research. We won't let studnets get work to examiners unless they have complied with instructions from local 'researchers' (where the instructions are more about stabotaging timely completion). It's not University. It's a scummy scummy scam.




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