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Re: exponential population growth

Posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 21:10:56

In reply to Re: exponential population growth, posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 20:57:02

And I am scared... Because what do I know about the college, really?

I know that with respect to what they SAY everything is on point.

I cannot fault it. And there are things I would not have thought to say and they said them -- so I can learn from them. They are developed or grown in good ways.

But how about what it's really like there, really, for reals?

That's the kind of thing you need to experience for yourself...

I remember Salmond College and how the people were about the food. I think it's in part because teenagers taste buds are still developing. Anyway... I couldn't believe how much money people would spend on take-away pizza and the like when there was high quality food available from their meal plan with the college. I mean, sometimes it was hard to find healthy stuff in a particular meal -- but given the amount of food that was available you could have collected up a couple pieces of fruit and you could always make do. You would never go hungry for healthy food. So people complaining... And spending money on take-aways... Was something where I empathised most with the staff rather than the students. Maybe because of my age. Like... Dr Kelso was happy enough with the hospital cafateria food... The younger you are the more complain-y you are. Not appreciating the value (or expense that goes into or effort and time and number of hard working people involved in the production of) something that is really high quality. Actually. And yet people complain...

So... From my memory of the food selection that was available to UNC Chapel Hill studnets from meal plan... I wouldn't have complaints. I mean... I chose to buy it mostly -- not realising that studnets were getting it from meal plan. As someone who didn't know... I thought the stuff available from main street (pay out of pocket) was comparable to the stuff availabel from campus (meal plan or pay out of pocket without meal plan). So it was just about... Illusion of choice or something. Advertising. I don't know.


I'm not sure on Research Output.. Publications. I guess you look into individual staff.

Here... We try and hide / obscure individual staff. That's because we want things to get to the point where Universities don't hire teachign (or researching) staff. The University offers a course and who teaches it is irrelevant (we don't need to pay them then). They advertise small classes... With professors... They say teh name of the professor. So... Look into it more... But it looks pretty good.

Compared to how things used to be here.

And compared to how much things have deteriorated here.

Things seem to have gotten worse, here. De-evolved.

In much of the world... Hard to say. You get older... Rose tinted specticles come off.

Most first years don't know the difference between honors level tutor and professor. I do know the difference, so...


I don't think it's fair that NZ forces people to leave as refugees.

These people who earn in excess of 100,000 per year and who do not do their job...

It would cost 100,000 per year to keep them in prison for hteir crimes against humanity, apparently.

We could hire someone competent and still have change.




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