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Re: I wrote to them.

Posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 23:09:46

In reply to Re: I wrote to them., posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 22:39:26

And I guess the fit is important with respect to being feeling (and being) free or not, as well.

NZ doesn't listen to me, at all.

Not in the most basic of basic of basic...

Years and years and years I had to fight because 'I need to live independently' was not allowed.

The government needs to give a fat chunk of money to 'other people' to 'look after' me, you see.

There are those people who see other people as opportunities for them to exploit. Micro-mismanage. Steal their stuff. I need to support a building manager and also a building owner. I don't think the building owner actually owns the building. I think he is just another building manager. I think there is two layers of property management going on. I suspect the building is actually owned by the University. They are trying to get as low-quality tenants as possible. They are trying to get tenants who over-crowd and engage in unlawful activities so they can rent out rooms that won't meet legislation requirements of healthy housing. They will want to collect rent for rooms that aren't meeting legal requirements. We have next to no legal requirements but new laws are rolling out... They are going to increase my rent until I"m forced to leave and they will then rent to people who are forced into prositution or drug sales or other criminal activitities to pay rent on rooms that don't meet the legal standards of habitability. It's our plan for developing backwards. Two property managers want to be fat... Earn their living renting substandard accommodation to force people into prositution (that's why the kids downstairs) and crime...

And a University who owns a great deal of cheap slum accommodation that isn't fit for purpose.

It is what the University's are consdiering, in the US. The studnet accommodation. The shared facilities... The shared rooms...

I undersetand the reasons for it in teh US... But the idea gets perverted as people think they can make many many bucks keeping studnets in slummy slum slums.

Presently most of our hotels / motels are empty. We have quarantine facilitys... But mostly tourism isn't happening... Many homeless were housed in them over the lockdown. We could see that we DO have housing. What we don't have is a humane way of distributing the housing that we do in fact have. People want to get $2,000 or $1,600 rent for a one bedroom apartment that could be a habitable house for someone... I pay $405 for a 1 bedroom apartment in Auckland but they are going to put it up, now, to $455. The only supplied heater takes the chill out of 1 internal concrete wall only. There is no other source of heat. There is no ventillation / extraction in the bathroom or the kitchen. A noise and light maker in the kitchen only that is unflued. It is a very old concrete building that gets down to 6 degrees... 13, 14 indoors during the winter months... It has signs of mold and moisture emerging from under 1 year old new paint from bathroom and kitchen because it won't dry out and I'm not leaving the windows open (too cold) to make a wind tunnel to dry it out...

WIndows are regularly broken downstairs. We are at the end of the road in Auckland notorious for prositution and where teh gay nightclubs etc etc are. I's exactly where you would put a home for teenagers if yo uwanted to put them somewhere as a vulnerable target for those kinds of intentions. People can knock on their windows at night and beg and call to be let in (and they do). They can also break their windows (and they do). QUite oten there is security guard posted downstairs to try and.. What?? Protect the tenants fro teh unwanted intentions / attentions of... Whom, exactly?

Minimum wage security guard hired by whom -- to tell everybody else in teh building that nothing is wrong. There's nothing wrong. There's nothing going on.

New Zealand.

I wouldn't recommend it.




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