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Re: exponential population growth

Posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 19:34:34

In reply to Re: exponential population growth, posted by alexandra_k on September 19, 2020, at 19:21:16

And what she didn't do was invest in her children.

She didn't teach me how to do what it is that she does.

When I was at Primary School and the School encouaged all parents to open a Post-Office Savings Book Account for the Child and the Child to bring 50 cents every week to deposit in the Savings Account. And this was part of a school unit that would go on all year where they would teach us how to fill out deposit slips and the like and where we could learn about savings and how savings added up.

And more than that, it would have been a little something for us. The kids.

Mother let me open the account. But only make the first deposit, I think. She didn't give me 50 cents each week to take along and deposit. And 50 cents was surely something that she could have afforded. She would have been saving considerably more than that for herself each and every week.

It was about the principle of it. The principle of it was that what was hers (even when it was given to her in virtue of her not being her but being 'us' by the New Zealand Government) was hers. Not mine. Was hers. Savings she made from the money given to her in virtue of her not being her but being 'us' was hers. I was her property. Money given to her for raising me?? The Domestic Purposes Benefit. Given to her for raising me... Was hers.

I imagine that that was the issue with Dad's Salary. What was hers was hers and what was his was hers, as well.

My brother's last name was changed to my Father's last name (informally but never legally apparently)... He legally changed it on his own dime later. So that when he got married she could double-barrel to take 'his name'. But my brother got landed with that. My Mother didn't pay for it. My Father didn't pay for it. But with my brother's name informally being my Father's name that meant that my brother was my Father's financial responsibility, now. Because I (his lawful and biological daughter) was a girl. But he had a son, now, you see. Who was around 10 when Father married Mother. But he was a sweet kid. A really decent human being was my brother. I don't remember Father having particular feelings about him (mother was horrible to him and chased him out of home when she split with Father likely because he cost money to feed and she thought she might be able to rent his room out).. Until he died. Then he was everyones favorite son, all of a sudden. I bet the pay-out (Father would have got one, too) helped considerably. Helped considerably.


Awful people.




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