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Re: beckett

Posted by alexandra_k on April 9, 2020, at 18:47:58

In reply to Re: beckett beckett2, posted by alexandra_k on April 9, 2020, at 17:30:25

I do appreciate that other people are having a hard time of things, also.

And that life for many people in the US is, actually, similarly sh*tty.

I did not know until very recently that Iowa and Montana were as small (population wise) as they were and that those states did not have Medical Schools. I was just reading that Boise State was sending out admissions offers to in state students who had applied to out of state colleges only and thought 'Boise State... I've heard of that... I wonder if they have a Medical School...'

Just little pockets of collaborativity and the swarms of psychopaths attempting to chew through everything in their wake like locusts or possums...

NY will develop herd immunity first in the US.

Then the waves of doctors carrying disease will spread forth to 'help'...

I understand some of the locals thinking that a federal lock down mandate would be infringing on their freedoms. What has the federal government done for them lately? And what business is it of the federal government when the federal government would really rather prefer to have things policed at the state level instead of needing to send in federal officers and so on...

I see that it was harder to lock-down Iowa than you might have thought. To prevent rioting on the streets etc.

It wouldn't be possible without the internet infrastructure.

I never read newspapers online before because I was aware that you get a 'this is the version that was approved for you' and 'this is the version that was approved for someone else'.

This is the 'gamma baby' newspaper that's approved for you so you can read about recepies and fitness routines.

This is the information that you need to know.

THe public sector has gone away. All those government facilities.. The parks.. The public venues. All the things that taxpayer dollars is supposed to be spent on. Maintaining the roads. The public spaces.

The government has stopped with all of that expenditure. All of those costs.

I understand teh hospitals in NY are overrun with Coronavirus.

But the hosptials in a bunch of other places are not.

But they have been locked down. The elective surgeries have been stopped.

All of the money and none of the expenditure.

I don't like not having access to physical newspapers.

I guess if you don't havea facebook account so the world can figure your proper place then you are a non-person.

I mean we don't believe in basic human rights or basic levels of decency or...

If you can get away with something then it's your duty to do that -- right?

Moral education doesn't work, etiher.



How much does our minister of health get paid to not do his job?

Why is it that NZ goes 'okay, yeah, sure, half our country should be living off welfare payments while that f'ing idiot gets hundreds of thousands of dollarsd per year to do whatever he wants with immunity and no accountability whatsoever'.

People *want* to come here and take their chances.


Our borders have been locked down. So. So there.

I see the Chinese Government is restricting who we are allowed to do business with.

Sure. China has learned that it cant' trust us to do good business.

It can't trust us to look after it's people.

We don't even look after our own people.

The world won't look after China's workers or value China's outputs if China doesn't do these things.

I mean... What any self-respecting country / state would be trying to do right now is to protect itself so it doesn't need to become swamped by the locusts of healthcare workers swooping in to 'help'.

Border control.

'we dont need any help thanks we've got it covered'.

It was easy to shut NZ down mostly because we don't do much of anything anyways.

Business as usual for surprisingly most of us.

Outside tourism / hospitality.

But then it's about refocusing those sectors back to looking after our own people instead of exploiting foreigners.




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