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Posted by alexandra_k on April 9, 2020, at 16:48:23

In reply to Re: UVC, posted by beckett2 on April 9, 2020, at 13:19:54

> I was rude to you, Alex.

Were you? I didn't notice / think you were being rude. I just thought we were having a conversation.

> Obviously I despise the man and have nothing good to say.

Oh. I didn't know that you despised him. Again, I just thought we were having a conversation.

I am not trying to change your mind or whatever. I really didn't like him to start with, either.

But then I got to thinking...

Baltimore seems to be a bit like 'Yeah, ''The Wire''... Yeah, corruption... That's us. That's who we are. That's what it's like here'. Apparently they are low on people in the city of Baltimore. Wanted immigrants or something. People to go 'Yeah, I'd love to go live in a place like that and, uh, live my life amongst all that in all that'. I don't know who they were attracting... Who would go 'yeah, I'd love to live in one of those slums'. Or 'yeah, I'd love to go work in their police force'.

I was worried that our Prime Minster basically goes on the world stage 'we are a nationa of child abusers'. And then... Uh... Permission to carry on. Yeah. Come on over international students! Edutourism is where it's at in New Zealand!

Did you watch any of ''The Apprentice''?

I only watched the first season and then part of the second. So I don't know what kind of a sh*t show it may have distintegrated / deteriorated into.

But what I saw of it I thought that he had a good way of doing business. Trusted advisors who seemed sensible. Competent. Rational. Who considered things. An interest in fairness. A genuine attempt to make good decisions for the right reasons.

I think of what our boardroom situation is in NZ. A lot of 'just because I said'. A lot of squabbling. A lot of in-fighting. People not even trying to make good or fair or just decisions. People accepting of the corrupt systems they are part of.

I remember when people used to visit NZ from America and give talks (few are far between, why the hell would people come here for?) If they start out with the usual thing of showing a little of where they are from and so on then the response here was... Jealousy. Hatred. I think that's fair to say.

Now when people visit from America and give talks (few and far between). Now they can start out by making snarky comments against Trump. Apologising on his behalf or something. New Zealanders like that. There is a bonding in hating Trump.

People like to feel they have a common enemy, I guess.

The animal thing.

The virus.

Brings the different countries together.

I wasn't feeling emotional about any of this... Mostly I feel I am approaching it from rational understanding.

Most people (not to you in particular) seem to think that evils will win and so they join the winning side. Falsify that data. Commit whatever atrocity. Are bullied into it. If you can't beat them then join them. I don't know how much it's resigned defeat vs how much it is that people want to do those things anyway so spin up a ratinonale / a defence. How many people wanted to exterminate other people. Happily signed up for the Nazis. Happily followed orders. It gave them permission. Social sanction.

I don't see much of anyone trying to do much of anything properly, in NZ.

I got a letter today from the Ombudsman saying that he wasn't going to investigate the issues of corruption that I brought before him because I appear to lack faith in the Ombudsman. Because I questioned whether the Ombudsman was following process. Because the Ombudsman took a good year to refuse to say whether the University followed their rules and regulations to say it 'wasn't unreasonable' for them to do whatever they want.
Also because I questioned the indepenence of the Ombudsman (since he didn't do the job he was paid to do and look into the regulations that I brought before him and put those togeher with the actions of teh Univesrity).

So now I get a letter saying that teh Ombudsman refuses to do his job.

But wait....

Who can do what about that?

What law is there to make the Ombudsman do his job?

I let parliament know that they probably should cease and desist with paying him.

He's perventing a competent person from doing his job.

Oh yeah -- we cant' see any competent people in NZ

We wouldn't let the competent ones even go to Univesrsity!!!! Surely.




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