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Posted by alexandra_k on April 8, 2020, at 13:12:20

In reply to Re: UVC beckett2, posted by alexandra_k on April 8, 2020, at 12:48:34

It's been funny (strange not haha) to see where the issues are, in our supply chain.

We have no shortage of testing kits!

(We have a shortage in nasal swabs required to collect samples.
Labs have a shortage of reagents).

We have no shortage of flu immunisations!

(The way they have been shipped means some practices are inundated with vaccinations that then get to be hoarded in fridges while some other practices don't have anywhere near enough enough).


I have never heard NZ looking into the situation, before.

Looking into where all the money goes (that goes into the health system).
Looking into the supply situation.

Trump asked them 'do your best to procure things for yourselves' because he wanted to see what they would do. Maybe they could draw on good business relationships etc that he didn't have access to. Let the people innovate. Do their thing. Maybe they would do a considerably better job of it than what he would / could do.

And then figure out a system of taxation on the medical supplies for re-distribution for equity. Because it isn't Iowas fault that it doesn't have a medical school or Montanas fault that it doesn't have a medical school... I guess these places rely on resources being shipped west... Redistributed within the US. Supplied within the US (rather than being shipped out to the wealthy elite overseas)...

I know I am going against the current in liking Trump.

It isn't that I *like* him (though he has grown on me, actually). It is that I *admire* the ideology of him.

Obama was more *likeable*.

But then *look at who Obama had to do business with*. Look at the other leaders he was supposed to do business with on the world stage. Was he able to do good, effective business on the world stage? For the good of people around the globe? I am not sure he was particularly effective. Even though he was very likable.

Trump almost intentionally came across as a buffoon. Someone who foreign leaders couldn't / shouldn't take seriously.

But Trump isn't just building a fence between Mexico and the US...

Migration patterns globally...

You have people who are continually running running running running running. For the promise of a better life. Running to NY even. For the American Dream. I'm not sure how much that was a reality for many many many many many people living in NY. Trying to make it in NY.

I do think it is a shame that people are forced to flee.

I came back to NZ because I wanted to study Medicine. So I could put that to good use / practice and help people. And also help medicine develop. As a field. For 'good'. I couldn't study that overseas. I had to come back to NZ to do it (finances prohibiting). But we are very very very very nepotistic as far as medicine is concerned. And very very very focused on choosing the youngest and widest eyed of the kids that make the kids of the doctors look good and feel supported. And we choose to select kids when they are young so we can put them in positions where they... Feel tehy are required to bribe officials or whatever to get their Degree. Feel they are required to commit atrocities or whatever to get any job practicing medicien at all. Then tehy are controllable, you see. By adminstration. Management. Whatever. Will work for low pay. Will be quiet about terrible working conditions. Will be quiet about lack of supplies. Very corrupt system. Culture of fear. Culture of bullying. Not working for the good of patients, very much, at all.

We don't really have a curriculum. It's not really the kind of thing that can be taught to a class? I don't know. I'm not sure what to say abotu it. The problem is a really really large volume of information that you need to cram inside you with spaced repetition spaced repetition spaced repetition. So then you can form inferences and make connections in real time. To form good working hypotheses... Not as the end to it. But as the start to good investigation...

I'm always struck by the simplicity of the most brillant inventions / experiments.

Anyway... Since my return to NZ I've only experienced a succession of 'stay with us and do whatever it is that we do otherwise we will oppose you with every fibre of our being'.

And I don't think I've actually met any good doctors / surgeons yet. So as they get to know me and might possibly want or advocate for me to join them.

Just masses and masses of people who aren't doctors -- and who don't want me to get to be a doctor, etiher.

Even the Medical Admissions COmmittee people. Who / what are they? For the most part people who don't get to practice medicine. People who get to profiteer from 'teaching' (having slaves for as long as they can get away with it and figuring how to have their favorites forced to stay with them indefinately while only promoting other people like them into positions of relative autonomy and power).

Can't function in that system.


What are ya gonna do?

I guess the world over: Shut it down.

It wasn't like it was doing anything, anyways.

Shut it down.




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