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Posted by alexandra_k on April 8, 2020, at 19:55:41

In reply to Re: UVC, posted by alexandra_k on April 8, 2020, at 13:12:20

I should clarify what I meant about special olympics.

I don't mean it is like watching people swim who have lost a leg.

I don't mean it is like watching people run who have lost an arm.

At high levels athletes competing in special olympics train just as long and hard as other olympic athletes. It's super interesting with respect to learning about real differences and capabilities (e.g., whether having less blood circulating reduces endurance or whether there simply isn't an intrinsic disadvantage depending on the development of prostheses etc etc).

I mean it is more like the situation where you are at primary school and the school decides to hold an olympic event 'for fun' and where the winning criterion and starting conditions are intentionally designed to be the great leveller such that genuine expertise in the event (as traditionally understood) and whatever games they have constructed don't really map. In other words: Intentionally designed so that everyone gets a medal and getting medals bears no relation to natural abiltiy nor hard work. The introduction of a random element so 'everybody gets to have a go' at being a winner.

Or the situation where the winners are determined in advance.

I remember a friend when I was very very young who had poor frustation tolerance when things did not go her way. We had lots of party games and her mother rigged EVERYTHING (all the games) so she won them all. Because it was her birthday. It made the day not fun for anyone else but her (because why would you wnat to play a game that was rigged?)

She didn't seem to care how good of a time her guests were having. That they likely wouldn't want to play with her...

Tis a short term strategy to be sure.

That what what I meant about special olympics.

I think it is great that people with Downs syndrome etc are competing, too. There may be somethng motivational that is different with respect to training intensity. But that's part of things, too.

My problem with NZ is that it typically seems that the only people who get to play sports at all (the cognitive or mental equivalents) are all these 'special categories' of people. Only we call them normal. And if you have a problem of it: WHy you must have a mental disorder! (and when the mentally disordered people call you that then that's a reason to exclude you).

It's such a f*ck*ng farce.




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