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Re: UVC beckett2

Posted by alexandra_k on April 8, 2020, at 12:48:34

In reply to Re: UVC alexandra_k, posted by beckett2 on April 8, 2020, at 0:38:29

That was interesting.

I still don't understand the role of electrostatics in manufacture / effectiveness of the masks. But, then, that's supposed to be the 'and then the miracle occurs' trademark step.

I actually didn't think that the reason for the expiry could have to do with the components making up the seal rather than the filtration material itself.

But that makes sense, yeah. I think the Duke people were saying, also, that after UVC treatments the elastic bands holding it to your head showed signs of disintegration / deterioration.

I wonder if the heat process will control for humidity.

And I wonder if dehumidifying the mask without heating it would be effective.

I have been involved in research, yes. But Universities in NZ prefer not to credit students with the work they do. They attempt to force students to labor in significant excess of what they are supposed to labor while making them revise their work different so they can coax it into what they want to be said...

I wrote an MPhil thesis in 2018 and still waiting on the University delivering the only outcome of examination that is in fact based in the reports of external examiners. 'Just keep workign and pay us more fees' wasn't what the examiners said. The University doesn't get to just make up whatever they want... Only, try telling them that. Or... Shut them down. Yeah, there's that.

I wouldn't mind doing basic science research -- but good projects are few and far between. We prefer to 'brand' our kids so they will never have the opportunity to go away and contribute to something worthwhile. Brand them as immoral (for torturing animals for.. Uh... Fun, I suppose. or for falsifying data or by lying about what one did or what was found). Or brand them as stupid. Or (ideally, I suppose): Both.

The people in the positions of power, here, are mostly there to prevent the people they are in charge of doing any work / accomplishing anything. They have their 'birthright' positions and I'm sure there parents are proud. They never would have made it in a meritocracy. Which is why we are so vehemently opposed to that.

It's pretty f*ck*ng frustrating being side-lined because my only role is supposed to be to cheer at the special olympics situation that we all pretend is just our brand of normal in NZ.

While the significant majority of people 'incapacitated' by 'disability' in this country and the people with consceince, with shame, with capacity. Sidelined precisely because they have capacity and the current stars don't like that over-much.

It's pretty f*ck*ng tiresome seeing other people grubbity grub grub grubbing up all the money, all the power, all the titles, while behaving like 3 year olds and refusing to do their job. I'm constantly expected to be the better person while they starve me and freeze me and...

Wonderful country this, mmm, sure.

It's a trade-sanction thing. Taking the tourists away. Our borders got shut down. Good people got sick and tired of trying to do good business when we're too stupid / corrupt to be worth doing business with, at all. The borders got shut down. That's how come it's being contained, here.

Swap you some milk powder for a face mask?

Around the globe... The leaders needed to curb the flow of migration.


It's amazing what a difference it has made to Auckland city now that people aren't artificially being forced /required to congregate. People aren't being forced into the city to have bums on seats in their job from 9-5 to work 'made-up' jobs like processing applications (because the University Council doesn't just pick which ones they like for which degrees quite independently of the processing situation). People aren't being forced to crowd into buses and trains.

There's so much less rubbish around. SO much less angry traffic. It's calmer. More peaceful. People are getting exercise. Enjoying exercise for their mental health. Not having to have so many f*ck*ng pointless meetings with idiots who only call them so they can crap on and on and on and on and on and prevent anybody else from achieving flow or even a state of sufficient mind-numbness to make the working day bearable (somewhat).

It's cute seeing families bicycle together. The kids seem to be loving spending more time with their parents. Parents are more in touch with wha ttheir kids are learning (or not) in teh schools.

I think that will do us good. Parents seeing what terrific little people their kids are. Wanting more for their kids education than what NZ offers. Choosing to invest different once this is over.

Hopefully parts of it won't ever be over.

We don't want to be here again.

I feel bad... I don't know anyone with Coronavirus. I don't know anyone who has died of it. THe human cost to it is unfathomable. Incomprehensible. I simply can't comprehend what is happening in NY or what happened in Mainland China. I don't mean tot make light of the suffering.

I've been more interested in studying than researching. Much research... Gets to be a bit 'on a needs to know basis'. Scientists can be a bit like Ford Assembly Line workers. Doing a little bit that contributes to the overall thing. I am more a big picture kind of person. Instead of doing research (being a line worker in someone else's lab) I'm more interested in that bigger picture understanding.

I've been studying for the USMLE (United states medical lisencing exam) because... There is a developed curriculum there.

Parts of it feel a bit like arbitrary memorisation... But mostly it does seem to be big picture general principle kinds of stuff.

I need to look up / properly remember stuff about disinfection methods and so on.

It is a weird kind of level of information to be learning because it is supposed to be research based 'our best understanding' kind of a thing... But parts of it seem questionable. I don't know.

Anyway... I am trying to think what heat would kill that dehumidifying would not.


Not sure.

I suspect whatever technique / method we 'discover' will involve a new piece of engineering.




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