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Posted by alexandra_k on April 8, 2020, at 19:11:26

In reply to Re: UVC, posted by alexandra_k on April 8, 2020, at 13:12:20

There is some good research and there are some good researchers, don't get me wrong.

The trouble is that in the US the education system is more structured with a curriculum of what you do each year.

Our system isn't structured. They attempt to do this temporal smear thing where you get stuck in a hole with no progression. So people don't progress through PhD's they get stuck in PhDs where the University refuses to sign the student off. Defers their starting date, refuses to forward their work to examiners, allowed the examination period to run over-time, always delivers the verdict that re-enrolment and re-examination are required, drags things out for as long as possible doing it's best to bully the student into becoming a perfectionist and not meeting their deadlines. Then, once you have not met a deadline they can blame you and bully you that it's all your fault that things aren't progressing.

The whole point of examination is that you blind grade the work with academic values in mind. Remove the identifying information about the student. Remove their name (family information, racial information), remove the information about how long the student has been working (have they submitted 'early' or has their supervisor being torturing it different for multiple years?) and... The examiners assess it for quality.

Typically what happens (what always happens with a creative work) is that everybody wants to feel like they pissed on a corner of it. The examiners will make suggestions for changes that they want to see so that they see a part of themself in the work so that they accept the work. Alway. Doesn't matter how long the student has been working...

Pick the very very best books there are and ask the examiners 'what would make it better' and there will always be something. Always.

We developed more in the direction of India. I guess because there is an element of it in the UK. Apparently it is most visible in undergrdaduate UK in Cambridge and Oxford. The kids of certain people. Not merit based. Not the case that you have motivated and bright kids in the tutorial groups, particularly, that you have the kids of certain people and they are expected to mop up the grades. The opportunities. Etc.

NZ got sick of losing it's 'best people' to overseas... So it changed the rules. Didn't objectively grade the kids anymore. Promoted the kids of the leaders who are non-functional away from their leaders. So the 'very best' of the kids are the ones forced back home.

Medical Admissions doesn't want to select people who have the potential to do well on teh USMLE. Doesn't want to lose kids to overseas. It's on the hush hush. It promises to be a way to get to practice medicine that isn't the trajectory of brown-nosing to supervisors and senior officials who are corrupt and who will only sign off after the student has accumulated such a list of wrongdoings and transgressions so as to be unacceptable to anyone overseas. Unless it's their kid, of course, because they secretly would probably like to retire into a better life, overseas, if their doctor kid can give them leverage in...

You really notice the lack of innovation etc at a time like this. You would think that the think-tanks would be found at the Universities. But they sold out. They've got nothing much to contribute to this situation. They were a major part of the problem. Building housing slum after housing slum after housing slum. Over-crowding the kids more than any of the primary or secondary schools were doing. University kids who were never taught to cough into their elbow. INtentionally telling the kids it was a bums on seats for maximum time degree to prepare them for the workforce of... I don't know... Student admissions. Also a bums on seats for maximum time kind of a job...

Things need to change up in NZ, to be sure.

A restructure.

I figure I likely should have been offered a place in Meidcine 2019 and again in 2020. They refuse to process my applicaton properly. They've started falsifying my transcript to alter details on previously conferred Degrees because they don't like the GPA I was awarded on our standard 9 point scale because it was awarded back when objective and independent grading criterion were applied. Rather than the process they do now where they pick the kids first and then make up their grades second in order to make sure the kids they picked are somehow justified on paper as being the chosen ones.

I need a judge to put the university regualtions (outcome of examination to based in reports of examiners) and the actual reports of examiners together. To do a basic multiple choice situation of ourcomes of examination 'options' a-f. To say that there is no 'discretion' of the Dean going 'not a therefore e). To say that the ONLY outcome of examination that the Dean could deliver that is based in the reports of examiners.. The BEST answer... The ONLY answer that is consistent with / based in reports is that the university has 10 weeks of substantive changes. 10 weeks. Then I am to be signed off. By an examiner if the supervisor won't.

But of course NZ Univesrities NEVER listen to overseas examiners when it comes to outcome of examination. NOt even to examiners within NZ. Everyone wants to keep their student for maximum time. The only use they think they have for independent examination is another delay to signing the student off.

But tey violate their own rules and regulations.

And people go 'what is the student a f*ck*ng idiot that it took them 3 years to do 1 year of work. Or 10 years to do 3 years work. What, are they retarded? Did the supervisor write it for them?'

ALl part of the plan of never signing off on anyone with capacity.

It really shines through at times like this. The lack of innovation. The lack of co-ordination.

Places around the world invesetigating how to re-use masks. A very scare resource.

Our researchers are trying to make it seem as though they are being innovative in making hand sanitiser (they back tracked on the marketing once it became apparent that WHO was providing instructions precisely so people could make it at home).

Our researchers are contributing by....



To what use the proliferation of cr*ps?

Were any of them secure?

Do we have a satellite?

What's a satellite?

Do we have a weather station?

Can we launch a projectile?


It's pretty f*ck*ng tiresome being forced to watch from the sidelines... Watch the most incompetent team in teh f*ck*ng world, feels like.

Oh, I"m sorry. We are doing so much better than Fiji or Tonga! Yay us!! What a winning situation to be in!! Yay us!!




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