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NZ prime minister

Posted by alexandra_k on April 4, 2020, at 18:25:44

I think generally there is a good feeling about her.

She does seem to say good things, much of the time.

Things that communicate well with New Zealanders and that encourage and inspire us to be better.

Like asking us to 'be kind'.

That resonates. In a land where frustration / agression can be a problem.

People understand what 'being kind' means. I think.

But I do think that a couple rather major mistakes were made along the way.

I think the Free World was REQUIRED to stand with Hong Kong.

I don't mean send in the troops.

I mean REQUIRED to make a statement about preferring democracy and preferring human rights to be acknowledged and upheld as much as possible.

I think the Free World was REQUIRED to say that it supported increasing Democracy and protesction of those kinds of freedoms.

I think it was hypocritical and wrong of our Prime Minister to publically state support of One China.

When Hong people seem to really really really really really really really really really have a strong preference for two-rule.

That hypocricy...

Undermines the Free World's relationship to China.

That the Free World would just blatantly disregard the freedoms and rights of so very many of the Chinese (Hong Kongean) people.

I don't know anything like the real story of what is up with / going on with Chinese leadership....

But I do in fact wonder how much it is an ideology or an ideal presented (same way as Trump and our Avatar are) to try and inspire and help people to do better. Working towards this global vision of peoples coming together and working towards better and helpful and good and kind constructive output for the good us us all.

This idea or ideal of a big bully who doesn't listen.

Will the Free world stand up for it's own ideology or cower in fear?

Turn a blind eye to the evidence (that has been supplied by agencies such as the UN and WHO) of human rights violations and abuses...

FOr economy. Wehre economy stands for increasing riches and wealths for an increasingly small minority.

What ideology will be embraced by the people?

Seems to me so many many many individuals in the Free world chose dictatorship ideology of China. Chose to support that system.

Chose to shut up.

Chose to not stand (even in the simplest way of signing a form supporting rule of law) with Hong Kong.

And so now....

Many people are burning.

TO be sure.




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