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Re: beckett

Posted by alexandra_k on April 11, 2020, at 18:28:09

In reply to Re: beckett, posted by alexandra_k on April 11, 2020, at 18:16:44

And that was supposed to be the ideal / the dream.
That people who were talented and prepared to work hard...
Could go on something like a holy pilgramige to the promised land...

The artists, particularly.
To make it on broadway.
Or to become a movie star.

This idea / ideal / ideology of going to a city and living with like-minded individuals.
Being amongst talented hardworking people.
People who valued those things, too, who were working towards those things, too.
And making a living. Getting bits of work. Living amongst that.

But the reality wasn't working out so well for a lot of people.

You start to get 'fan-boys' who are 'me too' about it. So people go there not because they are either talented or hardworking -- but because they want to hang out with those people. Because they want to surround themselves with those people. And then you start to get swamped with wanna-be's who are more interested in hijacking things (promising false opportunities etc for the attention instead of contributing to the development of the thing)...

And other States are developing / are wanting to be developing too. Other states want to have theatre and make films etc...

So the place to be isn't the place to be anymore. It's become swamped by people who were never really with the program.

So you have to look a bit harder and a bit out of the way to actually find the thing that you were seeking in the first place. The thing that the ideology was for or about... That doesn't match the reality of those places, anymore. For the significant majority of people.

I don't know what they are going to do about Medicine / Medical Admissions.

I guess the match is the best they can do...

Even though... That's the national system.

There are places aside from the match.

I hate NZ for stealing my life and not allowing me to contribute.

For treating me like a stupid child. People younger than me treat me as a stupid child.

I'm not age-ist. I know many young people are capable / talented.

I don't think much of my age-cohort in this country, either.

My age-cohort fled this country.

But I wanted to Medicine and as a NZ citizen with the educational opportunities that were available to me... I need for the public system here to do it's f*ck*ng job for once and process the application... Let's try that again, let's try processing the application without bribes or private advantage or nepotism or other forms of corruption... And then you send the thesis out to overseas... No, you don't just get to give degrees to your kids of the kids who make your kids look better... Proces the qualitification. No, process the qualification *properly*.


Couldn't be going backwards any f*ck*ng faster.




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