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Re: beckett

Posted by alexandra_k on April 16, 2020, at 4:52:48

In reply to Re: beckett, posted by alexandra_k on April 16, 2020, at 4:42:52

Some of them are taking 25 per cent pay decreases -- temporarily over the next 6 months.

So as not to be seen to be profiteering from the lock-down situation where so very many New ZEalanders have lost their job and been forced into applying for welfare.

It was a voluntary pay cut thing. For the highest level administrators. People earning more than 200,000 dollars per year. For one of their jobs. I am learning that many of them have many different jobs and they are paid for each of those jobs. So you get paid to be the minister of this. And then you get paid to be the director of that. THen you get paid to be on this commission. ANd then... In this manner... You earn more than enough to put 12 kids through full fee paying US private school education while getting a fully fee funded scholarship ride through medicine for your kids while the Univesrity pays them, I'm sure.

Others haven't even managed to voluntarily take the pay cut.

Instead, they say they are donating it to a charity. Likely the charity they set up for themself as teh primary beneficiary.

Likely the 'homless people' charity they have where they warehouse people in substandard living conditions with communal bathroom and kitchen only and no food storage space and so on... Likely the 'aged care' charity they have where they only care for dementia patients with no family so noone checks up on them -- they are really seeking to help out the most disadvantaged. So caring like that. So... Financially lucrative.

The stats they are giving us don't add up.

Boo hoo our exports to China and Australia are down. But exports overall are up, apparently. Imports overall are also up, apparently. Boo poor us.

I think Australia and China both produce food and don't need our exports and we don't export anything else. We are likely supplying food to countries who are having food shortages. I would imagine. And importing more medical supplies.

One of the hospitals has started collecting up N95 masks and goggles and face shields in recycling bins and staff are (rightly) terrified that they are planning on rinsing them off and redistributing them. The Director General of Health says he sees or knows of no shortages of PPE.

He also sees or knows of no shortages of immunisations while staff on the ground say they are being abused by patients demanding their immunisations while they simply don't have immunisations to give them.

So much of it is just b*llsh*t.

An attempt to create confusion and distration from where it is that the money does go. Who gets picked for the training places. Who gets the degrees. Who gets the jobs. Who gets the money. Who gets the houses. Who gets deliveries of what products and who misses out.

These people who think they are so very very very fuckign clever for keeping as many people they can in as appalling conditions as they can. Somehow being head of the very very worst and most underproducitvie of the rubbish counts as a trophy for them.

F*ck*ng idiots. Ruinign things for us all.




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