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Re: beckett

Posted by alexandra_k on April 16, 2020, at 4:37:08

In reply to Re: beckett, posted by beckett2 on April 12, 2020, at 2:45:54

> > I think the only desirable is... The one who will shuck (the right word?) Crabs in Baltimore to contribute to the low-income population and associated problems. They seem to be missing the demise of that.

> This is too funny! And true.

I spent most of today watching Khan Academy AP American History videos.

Learning about the early arrival in Virginia and about the Pilgrims.

I did not know about the 13 States.

I did not know about the difference in ideology between the Virginian and Pilgrim Settlements...

I understand it is one way of telling the story...

But the difference between young men going off to acquire riches quickly. The idea of bonded labor or apprenticeship or indentured servitute where yo would likely die of Malaria or mosquito related illness before your contract ended. I did not know that Virginia was swampy, generally, or that there were mosquitos or malerial illnesses in the US.


There was much that I liked about Chapel Hill. It was idylic, in a lot of ways... But there was something... Unsavory... Or... Unsettling... To me in seeing hispanic people working roadworks or food service only and seeing black people on the bus only hanging their heads and being quick to open doors and jump out of the way and give me a seat. I felt like I never wanted to feel that those things were normal or acceptable or okay...

I just can't believe that NZ University system is so very very very corrupt that they refuse to base outcomes of examination on reports of external examiners. Refuse to give people their Degrees once the requirements for them are met. Hand out Degrees to people when they have not met the requirements for the completion. I still just can't believe we are that f*ck*ng corrupt and our system of accredtiation are worse than useless.




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