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Re: there's nothing here

Posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2019, at 15:40:52

In reply to Re: there's nothing here, posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2019, at 15:18:11

I only enroled in the degree because you have to complete a qualification in the last 5 years to be eligable to apply to medicine.

they say it is to assess present capacity -- but they clearly don't mean intellectual because whether you complete a qualification or study full time wouldn't make a difference to that. i suppose it is more about how many people are not allowed to complete qualifications for various reasons. I think often mostly they are not allowed to complete qualifications because the people in charge of that would rather the people be poor and psychotic. because the people in charge are not that bright and when they see brightness in their students they seek only to destroy it.

asians tend to do somewhat better, here. you see their eyes glaze over... because they are used to not living in a free world. there's a huddling with the herd and pretending to be stupid thing that needs to be done here. is the idea. is the ideal. what they want to select for. 'hey you! this one's unconscious! cervical smear her now or i won't sign you off!' and the appropriate response is 'yes sir!' `whatever you say sir!' `i need to comply with your will sir or you will see me poor and psychotic'

this is a f*ck*d up country, indeed.

we are starting to talk about these things in our New Zealand Medical Journal, now. we can't seem to lose our accreditations fast enough!!!

i only enroled in that degree because i was told i could complete it in time to be eligable to start med 2019. it was a 120 point program of study. typically a single academic year is 120 points. so i worked to a fourth year students timeframe. 9 months of work from me. 3 months of examination. i could have taken up to 10 weeks to get those changes done in response to the examiners report. all i needed was for them to f*ck*ng sign me off and i could have started medicine February 25th of this year.

but they didn't sign me off. they wanted me to pay 2 months more fees. the only reason my enrolment started in May is because they took more time to process my initial enrolment than they are allowed to take (according to their own calendar regulations). I started sending my supervisor work from March -- but they refuse to acknowlege my start date any earlier than May.

When I sent them the thesis in September they tricked me into working on it for 2 more weeks...

Then refused to acknowlege I submitted in September (so they reckon they weren't late examining it)

Then they said they couldn't find a reason NOT to send it to examiners...

Then when the reports came back they said they couldn't award me the qualiflication in less than 1 year of enrolment so they would have to require me to re-enrol for no less than 6 months which means I owe them 2 more months of fees...

They shouldn't be allowed to offer research qualifications. They are not competent / capable of that.

But I have wasted 2 years of my life on it, now, and got myself thousands upon thousands of dollars into debt.

Because I was required to complete a qualification in the last 5 years for med.

And still who knows if they are capable of signing off on whatever arbitrary f*ck*ng changes examiners require this time around, again, nearly 1 f*ck*ng year later.

And now Auckland is saying (they reserve the right to change their entry criterion from year to year) that students normally need to have completed the qualification in minimum time. And that full time status is normally defined as 120 points over an academic year (A and B semester).


They can say I didn't do the 'normally' things so they decided I wasn't eligable to apply for Med. Again.

Last year they decided to really rub salt in the 'haha you didn't get your thesis signed off on you aren't eligable for a place' wound by saying that even if I was eligable I was rank listed 40 places lower than the last offered graduate applicant.

I queried / appealed that.

It turned out they miscalculated my GPA.

They calcualted 8.0 and it is 8.6.

They said 'the information wasn't on your transcript'

But it was on my transcript.

Then they said I might want to think twice about seeking entry into a program of study where the same people who declined my applicatino were responsible for inspiring and motivating students.

This is coming from the Dean of the School of Medicine.

Who was not medically trained.

For what I hope is obvious reason.

Im' not one of their kids and I'm not marriage potential...

And our grades (well, my grades) will not be released by teh Medical School in time for match...

Corruption here is really really really really really really...

I don't see any little pockets of civilisation here...

Up and down this whole f*ck*ng country...

Someone I really respected suggested Otago.

That was why I went there. Seeking...

THere was nothing there.

THere is nothing here.

There is nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing anywhere.

Everything here is ghost written.

And the people in positions of power...

There's nobody home.




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