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Re: there's nothing here

Posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2019, at 10:40:22

In reply to Re: there's nothing here, posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2019, at 10:19:05

one of the deans at the medical school at auckland asked me if i was sure that i wanted to join them since the people who were unwilling / unable to calculate my gpa correctly were apparently one and the same as the people who were supposed to motivate and inspire medical students.

medical students need motivating and inspiring?

i see...

i didn't realise the aim was to pick the ill-motivated and un-inspired so as to give the people whose job it is to accurately calculate gpas something to do...

i'm so reassured to know there are people employed by the medical school for the purposes of motivating and inspiring people to study medicine!

you can't talk to people about what their job is in these parts.

there is no buy in for surgical check-lists.

if you say you want people to say what they think their job is they immediately get all defensive, typically. because they often have no f*ck*ng idea what their job is.

i mean, cleaners at residential halls don't have task checklists. so some things (wiping door handles with disinfectant) never got done. while other things got over-done. to the point where the cleaner is having a breakdown about the fact that she is picking clothes etc up off peoples floors in order to do vaccuming because she doesn't think her job is to vaccum peoples floors *when their floors are clear for her to vaccum*...

the building i'm in now... management just seems to want rubbish bins / recycling bins to go away. because there are too many bins to manage. but people will manage their own bins if they know how. they want us to believe recycling bins must go because people will not do recycling properly. people insist on putting soft plastics in recycling bins because New Zealand should be recycling soft plastics rather than dumping them in landfill. Instead of telling people clearly 'NZ does not recycle soft plastics these need to go into the rubbish' they tell people to buy soft plastic rubbish bags for their rubbish... and not give them the means to protect their recycling (e.g., making everyones recycling bins lockable)...

the solution...

it's a no brainer.


it's f*ck*ng obvious.


never to the people in charge... of the problem.

i put a sign on it and it was vanished quick smart.

nobody wants to properly face an actual problem.

its so much funner to flail about ineffectually...

until the bins go away.

and people just start throwing their rubbish to the wind on the streets...

we'd so much prefer for things to be that way




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