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Re: there's nothing here

Posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2019, at 18:18:42

In reply to Re: there's nothing here, posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2019, at 18:08:22

they wanted the field to be rubbish

they intentionally sought out and marketed to people who didn't speak english well so they could pretend it was their fault for not speaking english better when really the problem was that the ideas presented didn't really make a lot of sense.

they intentionally sought out students who spent all their money on alcohol and dubious fashion choices. students who ate rubbish and were freezing cold at home so they would not produce much quality work if they produced work at all. they wanted to keep encouraging them to feel 'too stressed!' and to seek sick labels and identify with being sick and incompetent. they wanted them to do party and sport and music and anything anything everything except produce a quality work output.

somehow this is supposed to be better.

because students will take 4, 5, 10, 20, their whole lives... they will just keep borrowing to study full time and the university will mop up all that money and the students will hopefully have internalised bad self concept such that they won't realise that the university is not hiring quality people or teaching them anything of quality or helping them improve literacy or helping them produce quality output or helpilng them understand any segment of the world so that they might productively help with that...

the university isn't interested in helping and promoting good people who will go on to succeed in teh world and be benefactors of the university. patrons of the arts and the sports and the cultural products the university produces. subscribers to the university produced journals and publications and buying up the merchandise and investing in scholarships to help identify and promote the next generation...

the university doesn't want or aspire to any of that.

it's the low road to growth. increasing student numbers by keeping slaves. basically. except no work output. they don't even know what to do with their slaves. no productivity. no shared vision. the low road. how low can we go? that seems to be the aim / ideal.

that is infective. scalability...

problems with scalability are problems because organisational copmlexity breaks down. i think. i think that is the idea. this... isn't about organisational complexity.

i don't think it is merely the lack of organisation, however.

it is something about the people.

but it is also something about the leaders. the vice chancellor doesn't seem able to parse his f*ck*ng calendar regulations. i didn't realie that a large part of the role of vice chancellor is the highest point of appeal within the university. guardian of organisational structure, or whatever. i don't know whether heads rolled at auckland or not after my gpa was not calculated corretly / after i was (needlessly) told i was rank order listed incorrectly. i don't know.

but he said in the future all students who are declined entry from a program will be told they have the right to ask why / to appeal the decision to decline them.

this contrasts with otago who says 'no further correspondance will be entered into about the outcome of application' where they refuse to provide reason.

i know i have been declined (e.g., from foundation program) for non-relevant reasons. on teh grounds that the university would make more money from me requiring me to to university level rather than foundation level courses.

when people see me they only see opportunity for themselves always always always at my expense.

good people cannot do business with them.




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