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Re: there's nothing here

Posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2019, at 18:41:07

In reply to Re: there's nothing here, posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2019, at 18:18:42

i see international news headlines when i am in the gym.

something about some wealthy benefactor paying off some black kids very very very very very expensive student loan on his graduation.

there was some kind of 'and the slave was freed' about it.

it was very well done. that is how to do that.

i appreciate that one does have to be careful on the issue of slavery in the US.

people have talked about graduate students being slaves for some time and it was unclear how... inappropriate... that was. like comparing things to the holocaust or people to hitler... but it is a modern form of slavery. and black people are over-represented.

i just learned (i didn't know this) that there are a higher number of black people in incarceration in the US today than there were enslaved before. of course it is to do with population growth... but that is where things are at.

it is interesting to see how the US deals with stuff like this (when it does deal with stuff like this). because, uh, how the hell else is the rest of the world going to figure out how to do it?

i also learned that 5 per cent of the students from st cuthberts (a wealthy secondary school) go overseas to study at university level.

i don't know that they got scholarship / funded places.

i imagine the deal goes something like 'well, i won't send my kid overseas -- but only if they get into medicine after only 1 year of study'.

that's why those places are taken / it's already decided.


i have been thinking about the heredity thing...

i think i see the worst of it because of the heredity thing. the people who have birth right to personhood in some sense but not particularly bright... so... they have the job that enables their personhood but they don't have prospects for working their way up, particularly. unless they learn to do sh*tty buisness with shitholes.


the belief that some people are untouchable because of heredity means people leave them alone. don't try and touch them.

there is a utility in the belief. whether it is true or not. i just meant to say.

i imagine that is it's function, really.

i imagine that heredity actually plays a hell of a lot less of a role than i have a tendancy / habit of thinking that it does.

it is just that i'm stuck at the place where those lowest level people won't let me through. because of their own spite / maliciousness.

my supervisor only suggested the degree becaues she thought i wasn't capable of doing it. she did say to me (a conversation about precisely wehre it was that i lost all respect for her)... she didn't see why i didn't just give up after she managed to delay my initial enrolment for several months. i told her i was already committed (my application was in and you only get two in your lifetime). she did say that i would have more chance of finishing if i listened to her (and submitted it later than my timeline said i was going to). only i had lost all respect for her as a person since she demonstrated she was a f*ck*ng liar and only really interested in stabotaging me... but then submitting it precisely when i said i was going to submit it... then she decided it was something along the lines of her lifetime ambition to have me failed / kicked out of the university for my impertinence / arrogance at thinking i could submit the work whenever i thought it was ready.

teh actual f*ck*ng job description says it is my decision.

the fact she fills out something which requires her to provide her opinion on whether it is ready or not says her opinion doesn't decide when it is submitted.

the job description says something about monthly meetings.

i think i should just limit time spent.

i feel like they tricked me / forced me into staying with them against my will. the only way i could stop them throwing me out was to arrive and basically start saying loudly in the hallways 'you haven't kicked me out yet' and sh*t like that. of course they could hve called security and got me kicked out that way...

you know...

poor and psychotic.

how new zealand prefers to keep me.

suppose i do get into med.

i bet that if i do...

then my welfare payments will suddenly stop.

they'll decide to starve me out.

they are f*ck*ng psychopaths, here.




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