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Re: there's nothing here

Posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2019, at 2:24:08

In reply to Re: there's nothing here, posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2019, at 21:25:28

i found the word. finally. legacy. the heredity stuff i've been ranting about most recently. that's the issue. legacy places.

- i take the point about private schools being private. freedom of association. if the take public moneys that somewhat undermines their claim, however. i take the point about family focused and trying to maintain something like a dominant culture. i do. but, again, with the private focus. and people have genuine options (very genuine options) about whether or not they apply to schools knowing the role that legacy plays there and if they feel comfortable joining the school given that.

- when there are legacy places given which involve schools deviating from their objective criteria (e.g., when students are artificially culled from being offered ranked places so lower ranking legacy candidates get places)... when this happens in public institutions... this is simply corruption. there isn't another word for that.

it is nice how some schools say they don't do that. MIT. though with it's affiliation with Harvard and the thing about taking courses at either institution that's somewhat undermining... But it is nice how the school intentionally says that what the school intentionally wants to be is something that doesn't embrace legacy...

But of course... Academic legacy... What school did you go to?? Did they even read my application or just take note of my school?


It does make sense of a bunch of people you meet. Wonder what is so special about them. Who's their Daddy. Of course.

HOw am I supposed to feel about all this / about my situation in life?

Oh yeah, we like our people nearly dead but not quite. Because there's people who make a lot of money off micro-mismanaging them. That's the aim. TO be micro-mismanger of a bunch of non-productive slave-animals.

Tis a wonderful world.




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