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Re: there's nothing here

Posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2019, at 15:18:11

In reply to Re: there's nothing here alexandra_k, posted by beckett2 on May 19, 2019, at 16:16:38

I don't need a ghost writer.

I finished it last September.

Examiners reports came back December.

I said I could get the required changes done within 10 weeks.

The University said they preferred me to take no less than 6 months additional time and as such would be requiring additional payment of fees.

I got the changes done by February 25th.

The University said if I did not pay more fees they would not award me the qualification at all.

I tried to appeal the decision to require me to enrol for 6 months extra time.

They said I could not complete the qualification at all.

I ended up needing to appeal their decision to refuse to re-enrol me (their decision to not let me complete the qualification at all).

They allowed me to pay them additional fees!!

So now we have this quandry...

I made the changes the examiners required by February 15th...

But my enrolment was paid up until May...

But them requiring me to take 6 months additional time means I'm not allowed to re-submit my thesis until July.

So what am I to be doing between end of February and July?

My supervisor managed to say she wouldn't do anything for 2 months (while they were trying to get me kicked out of the University).

Now the other panelist is only going to read a chapter a week or something like that...

And yeah...

Everyone thinks I'm f*ck*ng stupid that I can't get my work done on time and that I'm f*ck*ng stupid it's in the state it's in when nobody has done anything other than their very best to see me failed every f*ck*ng step of the f*ck*ng way.

How to breed a psychopath.

I guess it is a lesson in that.

Why it is that these people do not have access to Medicine.

It's a do unto others kind of a thing.

You see what they do with the power they have got.

This is the trash heap of the f*ck*ng world.

I f*ck*ng hate it here.

I did not ask to be born.

I was only born for the wrong reasons.

I f*ck*ng hate it here.

Awful f*ck*ng lying *ssh*l* f*ck*ng idiots.




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