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Re: there's nothing here

Posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2019, at 10:19:05

In reply to Re: there's nothing here, posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2019, at 9:59:32

i just don't see a way.

hard work does not pay off.

there are bottlenecks all over the show and the people in charge of bottlenecks will not let me through.

i think it is as the dean of the school of graduate research said 'we really thought you would be more compliant'. there is this game of *ss kissing. i'm supposed to look people directly in the eyes and be all like 'mmmmm yeah i like nothing better than to have you totally screw me over because you have the power to furtehr your interests at my expense, wow you are my superhero, when i grow up i want to be just like you!!'

and i was like...

'compliance? that is what you want in your doctor?'

and she looked vaguely puzzled and kind of looked away / backed off..


but of course that doesn't change her general approach. the general approach. the whole reason why she aspired to her job in the first place. the whole perk of her job. the whole reason why she gets to feel happy about life and so on... the research school that she made... the research output she gets to feel proud of... in how they manage to double graduate student incidence while halving output by way of making them all take twice as f*ck*ng long. but ooooooh she's so busy busy busy busy busy looking after all those students making sure they hang about to re-enrol another day. what a big superhero of an important person.

go glad england saw fit to throw her this way.

i love it how here we are hierarchical not only about people but about subjects. some subjects are simply better than other subjects, you see. chemistry is a pretty good subject. philosophy is the worst subject. that's the way the hierarchy of subjects goes. you pick a good subject and you end up doing a bad subject when you don't do well enough in a better subject.

and in first year most subjects -- especially the really good subjects -- only offer 2 classes. one in each semester. so you have to do both of them if you are a major or are minoring in the subject. and they encourage you to do 3 pairs of subjects to see what you enjoy before your second year of your degree when you will do mostly 2nd year subjects. because there are first year, second year, and third year courses in each subject, you see. and requirements on major are typically something like 2 first year, 3 or 4 second year, then 3 or 4 third year. and sometimes there will be compulsory courses. like a third year research methods or a second year statistics or whatever.

it's a way of creating a bottleneck.

first year is often pretty good -- because they are trying to encourage you to major or support. to take the second year courses.

third year is where it turns to sh*t. because you are locked in. if you want to finish your degree in 3 years then you need to not change your mind on your major. but it is during your second year that you learn things like... if you keep your major then this one particular person will basically determine quite a lot of your fate at third year level. there will be a compulsory course with a compulsory requirement which will be sufficiently 'soft' so there is a significant element of arbitrary...

or... nobody actually checks the multi-guess.

multi-guess increasingly asks questions for which there is no best answer and there is no assurance they assigned marks according to a schedule anyway because they do not return scripts or allow you to view marking schedules etc. there is no accountability on marking / on assignment of grades.

people think i'm too old. they won't say that but that is a huge part of it. because of the whole hierarchy thing people think i'm stupid, too.

the subject hierarchy is about trying to get the kids through with the heaviest parental investment. rewarding arbitrary stuff they were taught in school.

we prefer to think things are random rather than things like... work paying off.

because the people here were chucked back.

i was...


to think i could do more with my life.

and so...

i get to do nothing at all.

i haven't been able to see a way.

and the people rejoice

that's the world that they made. they really genuinely seem to prefer things this way.

a guy on my panel... has twins. don't know why he would want to have them / bring them here, but there you go.

thank you US for sending him our way!

one of his kids had a tonsil removed...

i wonder if he did his research or if he trusted what they recommended.

i won't ask him.

i bet he did not do his research.

people really genuinely seem to prefer things this way.




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