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Re: there's nothing here

Posted by alexandra_k on May 18, 2019, at 16:27:07

In reply to there's nothing here, posted by alexandra_k on May 18, 2019, at 16:16:15

i have been thinking about costly signals.

i have been thinking about how it is easy / easier to do the right thing when there are rules and regulations and systems for accountability where things can be reported in a timely fashion and followed up in a timely fashion and intelligently improved in a timely fashion...

i mean, that's the purpose of good systems. to make it easier and more likely that people do good things / the right thing.

but it is significantly harder to do the right thing / to do good things...

when it seems that the converse is rewarded.

for example...

if it seems that the only way you get top grades is to...

- copy what lecturers said / wrote on powerpoint / wrote in the margins into your actual work and then claim it as your own

- lie about what you did in laboratory

- lie about what you found in laboratory



top grades indicates your willingness to do that.

good to know. for people who know that that is what that means...


but more what i was thinking was what you have to do to get things signed off.

they try and teach us here to huddle with the herd. like... people take pot shots at whoever seems opportunistically easiest for them to take pot shots at. then last one left standing is a victor!

we are supposed to believe that things are very competitive and getting ahead is about kicking other people back and doing what you are told (complying with people who tell you to do awful immoral things).

i guess you...

at the time...

do what the herd does... i guess... if you are actually forced into a hard place...

and report them. and then it is the systems job.

if you encourage people to be honest about their lack of morality... if you normalise it... then you can save a lot of time in people being forthright about it, i suppose.

but integrity... needs to be assessed some other way. and it needs to be something you see demonstrated even when it appears to be at significant cost to the indivdiual. you need to distinguish between a person accidentally or opportunistically doing the right thing... and people who do the right thing even when it seems to be the harder thing to do...

it has to be a costly signal.




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