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equality vs equity

Posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2018, at 22:01:42

In reply to Re: dr-bob, posted by alexandra_k on April 5, 2018, at 1:27:27

i'm kinda confused about this...

i mean, there is an extensive literature on equality. even something something about all persons being equal under God and about to each according to their invididual merits instead of to each according to things like... social class.

and then the World Health Organisation and others come along as say that equality doesn't exist because diversity exists and because of diversity people are not equal and only some inequalities are unjust and they shall be known as inequities.

and there is a history of equity and what equity means. it has to do with growing your business. owners equity. and it may or may not be shared amongst shareholders...

and it...

divorces things that are considered 'inequities' in health from the social movement that has had really rather a lot of sensible things to say about the systematic ways in which we entrench and worsten the 'problem'.

because... the focus has been on growing your business.

and some businesses traffik in poor people. in homeless people. in women who have been beaten by their husbands. in ethinc minorities. in refugees. some businesses equity depends on their growing their business, entrenching the poverty and powerlessness of the people they are 'helping'.

only we don't see equity grow because they have learned that in order for people not to hate you (threaten to revolt against you) you need to cry poor! poor! poor! poor me! to muddy the message. so... instead of having a multi-million dollar charity you have splinter charities. and instead of equity things get syphoned off to those on boards of directors... or whatever...

and that's how come there are more poor people in this country, than ever before. why people collect up more and more money to data collect from more and more ethnic minority groups... and so on...

even the medical admissions process... especially the medical admissions process... they say 'we make sure our test isn't biased on racial and disabilty and gender grounds'. and saying that means they have a legitimate looking reason to collect up that information about their applicants. but they won't make public their data on how people actually score... and look at the doctors you know. look at the medical students you know. has diversity been achieved?

it's just so much garbage b*llsh*t rubbish.

from the nasty nasty people obsessed with looking out for themselves.

without the frontal lobe capacity to see how they make things worse for everyone.

not on economic grounds...

books written on that... to hijack the debate. you can't do between country comparisons meaningfully because you need a 'common currency' notion or a 'currency conversion' or whatever. because there is too mjuch involved in setting up a system to scam. the richest people don't pay taxes and so on... don't have any claimable income or assets. you don't want to *appear to be* in control of things (that would make you a target) you want ot *actually be in control of things*. clearly...

anyway... it's just a way of hijacking.

we got Maaori people here writing papers where they are forced to conclude they couldn't show any economic benefit to non Maori for helping or investing in Maaori development.

you kick at people... its remarkable how... sytsematically oppressed people will go...

it isn't about the money.

though genuinely co-operative / collaboratie projects where people don't have to spend all their time huddled like alpackas for external threat... warily eyeing each other for internal threat... the vast number and amount of inefficiencies that are so glaringly obviously prevalent in every single public place...

you can see them - right?

because policnig the cheaters and defectors is costly. you could spend most of every day doing it.

but yuo have people more interested in benefiting themself at others expense becaues they really prefer things that way. prefer to have power / control over people pets.

surprisingly many. most.




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