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Re: dr-bob SLS

Posted by alexandra_k on April 3, 2018, at 21:48:14

In reply to Re: dr-bob alexandra_k, posted by SLS on January 17, 2018, at 15:21:37

Thanks SLS. I'm sorry I haven't replied in so long... I thought I wouldn't post here, anymore... But I don't see why I shouldn't, really. I enjoy chatting with you and Partlycloudy and Baseball and RJ and others. So, I don't see why I shouldn't.

> I'm sorry that you have been so bitterly disappointed in NZ.

Yeah. Me too.

Things might be on the up with the change in government... But probably not, so much. The people in power (who stay in power through changes in government) are very invested in things staying pretty much the same...

There's a constituency here who seem to want things to progress precisely backwards because they don't think things here are underdeveloped enough... Or maybe they are relics of the previous government?

Since then decent housing has come through for me. Which is nice. It needn't have, I suppose. On the other hand... It's only taken, uh, around 8 years of my repeating 'I just need a quiet place where I can work / hear myself think' for that to happen. Just think what we could accomplish in 5 or 6 or 9 generations!

There might be rumblings about how progress seems to involve increasing specialisation / division of labor (not the converse) and higher levels of complexity / organisation (not lower levels). But actually, no, there aren't rumblings to that effect. The rumblings are the converse. And of course it's all debatable. We should invest millions into meetings and conferences and workshops and journals so we can argue about all this and consider how many managers it takes to fix a leaky building...

While we just sit back and watch the people die of cancers and so on that could have been picked up and removed - if only we cared to. There is this thing about a pathologist a while back who was condemned for failing to refer on a bunch of women when he found abnormalities in cervical smears. Apparently he had this theory that it would right itself if we just watched and waited. So watched and waited he did and a bunch of them died of cancer. I don't know why we think what he did was so unacceptable, however, because that just seems to be business as usual within our health system, here. That's what the managers and the like encourage the doctors to do. Order no tests, find no abnormalities, watch and wait... Ship all the data off to overseas so people overseas can profit from our information... We are the most observed population in the world!! And the people here go away or they die but really, life expectancy is on the up overall generally speaking and how long do we want these people to live, anyway, when we won't even let them contribute to the economy? I suspect the problem was that he did what he did by himself. He didn't listen to the managers, in other words. All these people who want nothing more than to tell other people how to do their job... Nothing more than actively preventing people from doing their job...

Anyway... Might be moving back to Auckland next year. If they let me apply to Med. That's the thing, you see, they won't even look at the applications. And then they seem pretty invested in doing what they can to prevent NZers getting entry to specialist training programs. By filling the curriculum with information that interferes or crap that takes up time that could otherwise be spent studying...

Anyway... Just keeping on with my work this year... But I do feel myself turning bitter, which is a shame.

I feel like people are invested in teaching me a lesson where that lesson is that you have to do things to screw over other people in order to have anything in life. Because I wouldn't work those jobs... I get nothing. They don't want me to succeed... Because they need to be right... Because that's how they live with the choices they've made for themselves... The things they've done. They way they've chosen to live their lives.

And that's an unfortunate situation, really. That these people have control over me and seem invested in not letting me...

So glad they get to be in power. Yeah.

Anyway, just focus on my work this year, as best I can, and, like everyone else, hope that at some point in my life things come through for me and I can get the hell away from the awful.





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