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Re: equality vs equity

Posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2018, at 22:20:04

In reply to equality vs equity, posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2018, at 22:01:42

well, no, most people are 'adaptable'

'we didn't believe in private schools until we had our second. that kid simply wasn't that bright, and he needed every help he could get, in life'.

because it is in their interests not to have to look after him. to get him into some kind of professional career so he can have his very own harem - wife and children to do the chores and the unpaid work about the house and so on and so forth...

so a kid who is naturally brighter and / or who works harder (or some combination) doesn't get a look-in. beause people are worried about the above kids chances.

machiavelli said people prefer leaders to be born into it. there is a sense of legitimacy that you can't get otherwise. people want to hear 'oh yeah, he got into med, but then it's not surprising, both his parents are doctors'.

if intelligence really was heredity then wealthy people wouldn't invest so much of their wealth in their kids education. they wouldn't need to. their kid would emerge up as superior without their constant and incessant intervention. you can tell by how much how many have invested in their kids education (and in undermining the education of other kids) that its not significantly hereditary.

when they go on about how there are 'far more suitable people who were trainable and lots of great people don't get to do it' one could be forgiven for thinking that's why great people don't get to do it. like how that princess didn't get into Harvard on suits - right? and didn't all the common-men who stay home and watch suits on tv go 'awwwwwwwwwwwwww she's just like me and my kid and my kids kid'. and how to start with we thought it was a jack up that she didn't get in... but then the whole thing about (cook up of a situation that has us conclude that): there were far more skilled people than they could select.

but you should see some of them. the ones you don't tend to. because 5 minutes with them and you really would see that... they're incompetent. not all that. not all there, even.


that's the big problem that not many will talk of. how you get these people who don't have capacity to take places of people with capacity. you get people who are morally corrupt and unsuitable who take places of people who aren't that way.

the harms that have been done because of nepotism. which is just a particular instance of class entrenchment.

and things are worse off for us. more of us. more and more of us. when these idiots get into positions of power.

there was some philosophy literature on nepotism. justifying it. interestingly (perhaps). this idea that you have a duty to your family that takes priority over your duty to your greater community / society / country.

its a form of selifshness, again.

i think people really genuinely do know this. you do hear over and over how people... find. create families for themselves, really. people who were as a parent or as a child. intellectual heirs. or sometimes coaches and their athletes or whatever.

institutional structures preventing nepotism would be for the good of us all.

i think sometimes people do like this idea that some people have legitimacy because of birthright, though. because it absolves them of struggle and striving. because of inevitability. like how sometimes people get a sense of peace from hearing a dx whereby their behavior was inevitable.

putting people into 'bins' can be a blessing or a curse.

there's this lady at MIT who works on feminism... anyway... she was quoting someone...

something about a social landscape. and there is material reality... then you have social reality laid over it... and there are peaks and valleys. and social reality (with its 'bins' of ways of socially categorising or classifying people into race and gender and disability and so on) make it easy to follow certain vectors along valleys. and freedom... in a society... is the freedom to be able to climb a peak.

or whether you will continually be kicked back to your valley.


people betted on things being a certain way.

they have invested their money accordingly.

the infrastructure has been planned for.

and damned if they are going to let you be other than what they think it is your proper place you should be.

or similar.




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