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Re: four year degrees

Posted by alexandra_k on June 6, 2018, at 0:40:16

In reply to Re: four year degrees, posted by alexandra_k on June 5, 2018, at 7:27:25

when i was at Auckland I found myself starting to become racist. I found myself thinking Maaori were really very stupid. Incapable of responding to reason. Either not able to (genuinely) or really not motivated to (sort of psychopathically).

and that was really strange, for me, because where I grew up lots of kids were Maaori and they were just as varied as the white kids, really. And I remember how those Maaori really didn't have much time for the politically elite Maaori...

And coming here has shown me that it is an issue that knows no race. It really isn't a race thing. White people are just as capable of... Not letting their people speak. And so on. Of the nepotism.

They won't train me, here, because it is about nepotism. Training their own kids (and their kids social supports) and sending those kids back to Wellington (to further their interests) then off overseas to... Increase the family fortune. Or something.

What's the alternative? Wallow in the swamp of houses that are falling over... Cheap construction that resonates painfully in the wind

There is some economics assumption about how you need to oppress however many multitudes or masses in order for a few people to have a good quality of life. And so it's inevitable. You just have to keep an eye on which side you are on. And you have to pick sides. Control overs or be controlled by others.


I need to be put out to pasture, here.

For the good of their children, of course.

WOnderful things that they are.

I suppose that is why people serve on boards. It is thought they do amazing work for the good us all (just look at the amazing work they have done) and they wouldn't have done any of it without that perk of a place for their kid... Their kid... Who would have... Uh... Dropped out and joined the unruly masses without such an, uh, 'opportunity'. Of course.


All I can do is raise the question. To the government. Since the government funds the places. Sicne the people tow the line on their immunisations and so on because they believe doctors are looking out for their best interests. Not... Exploiting them for others advantage.

Or maybe it is time for the people to think this.

So they stop going to the doctors. Then the government won't even need to spend any money on people getting treatment in the public health system.

Which is largely data collection, of course. Better keep an eye on what those Maaori are doing and make sur ehtey don't get too cocky on tehir mortality rates given that we won't let them live anything other than nasty, brtal, short lives.

For the good of the elite Maaori. Of course. Gotta leave them to tehir harems...




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