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Re: government employees

Posted by alexandra_k on June 19, 2018, at 3:31:35

In reply to Re: government employees, posted by alexandra_k on June 19, 2018, at 3:05:28

it is supposed to have the people all settle non-complain-y like into whatever it is that is dolled out to them. whatever they are allowed to succeed in / whatever it is that is dolled out to them.

they are attracted, all magnet-like to the prospect of medicine. for whatever reason. for television advertising, primarily. i think that is why there is so much television advertising devoted to medicine. part of a public education campaign.

millions have been spent on encouraging people to 'aim for the top, then settle for what you get' where teh 'top' is medicine.

so, anybody who is anybody at all, aims to go to a university that offers medicine. and those places are particularly oppressive. and the students learn, pretty quick, that there is this whole realm of 'other' that they had never been exposed to, before. whether it be the people who were't told to 'slow down' and 'lighten up' and 'take it easy' and 'just take a chill pill bro' or whether it be the people who weren't told... you know... basics of reading, writing, arithmetic.

but there's enough of the street-kids and so on around to scare people to settle for what they get.

and mostly any point of / to me is to scare them into thinking that they might be stuck in some kind of limbo... indefinately... because i didn't settle for what they thought i would...

but that's not allowed. there's a whole entrenchment thing we've got going on, here. a lot has been invested in people 'like me' (however you want to cast that) being exiled from society. to be held up as an example to help terrify people into settling for whatever small amount is dished out to them.

or whatever they can get from the public dog bowl. don't worry, it'll get privatised off and then some people will be able to afford to pay for what used to be free for everyone. and somehow we'll have scared people into thinking that their paying for things means they somehow get something better or more than what there was before... what was before was unsustainable we are supposed to believe.

in the face of the opportunity cost that there always is of not taking people for more and more and more and more and more and more and more.

we got new housing regulations or whatever. i have new insulation in the floors and ceilings. but the heat escapes all opportunistically, like, out of the weakest link. there is no insulation on the walls and the windows are single pane glass.

which is well and good until you get a snow day.

i have wood. lots and lots and lots of little bits. if i want to sit directly in front of the fire throwing a little bit on every 10 minutes, or so, it's kinda nice, yeah. but it takes a while to build up enough heat to crank the house and do i look like a boiler operator to you????? ffs.




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