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Re: equality vs equity

Posted by alexandra_k on June 5, 2018, at 5:19:34

In reply to Re: equality vs equity, posted by alexandra_k on June 5, 2018, at 5:01:51

it is just taking the piss.
devoting a certain amount of tax-payer money to 'equity'.
then giving the equity money to projects that serve to further entrench it.

i do find myself wondering an awful lot whether people are idiots. don't see this. or whether people see it and are having a good old laugh to themselves on the inside. i wonder what is going on with people.

sometimes people seem... well, like they've sold out, i guess. afraid. fearful that they won't get their piece of the pie if they won't toe the line.

these seminars that are about 'we got however many millions of dollars to work on x' health problem. and then the budget. pie charts of where all the money goes. all these people employed to shuffle bits of paper around. no money to anything concrete or actual with respect to the topic at hand. all the rest of it could have been exactly the same with a totally different project. just managers and administrators and so on. each taking a piece of the pie and nothing with respect to x. i mean, no pateints were seen. no procedures were performed. probably data was collected and shipped off overseas (thats probably the source of funding) but that's all.

and so there's no way of life here, for me.

that's what they have me believe.

and how many people killed themselves last year?

they're doing such an awfully f*ck*ng bad job of it...

and where do the people here buy their groceries? i mean... there aren't supermarkets associated with any satellite towns, that i can see...

i think people literally fly in and out. choppers, maybe. i don't think very many people actually live here... probably something to do with residential hall contracts... at some point it will be about local producers rather than the pre-packaged plastic coated crap processed and shipped from Auckland...

I am angry. The country does f*ck*ng owe me. I genuinely and honestly belive that. This country f*ck*ng spawned me. This country had me suffer however many years of emotional torment at the hands of my mother. This country declined to see that, to help with that situation, to even provide me with respite at school. This country has mostly worked towards my internalising the blame for everything. Bullying me and blaming me and chastising me into being... A blow up doll. Basically.

If you want people to want to stick around and contribute to society then you really need to treat them better.

I don't see peers...

I see sell outs and people who fled.

I don't have anything more to say to people, here.

It's not like they have granted me actual speaking rights.





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