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Re: dr-bob

Posted by alexandra_k on December 23, 2017, at 18:03:38

In reply to dr-bob, posted by alexandra_k on December 23, 2017, at 17:02:01

I do just find it incomprehensible... That in a Country of 4 million (ish) they think they found 300 local students (or, more like 600 if we consider the other university intake, as well) who would all likely go on to contribute more to the practice and development of medicine in NZ than me.

And for each of those people... If we consider that around 3/4 of them could simply be delayed (and would apply again the following year etc) if you wanted to just take some more time to see how they were developing...

They are really so very sure that these 300 or 600 people would all likely go on to contribute more to the practice and development of medicine in NZ than me.

If we consider the experiences I've had in the hospital system... If we consider the level of writing I've demonstrated... If we consider the theory of mind and empathy I've developed... If we consider equity on disability applicants (where Maaori and Pacific candidates who meet GPA requirements that I hav met are ALL accepted for places)...

I find it implausible. Incomprehensible.

I just... Don't understand.

Especially when not all people make it through the training. I don't know how many are required to repeat a year. How many are failed from the degree. How many aren't accepted to specialise. How many don't match to anything they want to do or... Who otherwise... Drop out along the way. To do something else...

If there was concern about me... So very much scope to veto me out... At any of those points...

They are so very determined that I'm so very unsuitable...

If they had concerns about how I'd do... Whether I'd thrive or flounder...

They aren't concerned. They are determined. No further assessment required. Those 300 or 600 other applicants would so very obviously and clearly be better than me that not a single one of them could have been delayed for a later application...

It's incomprehensible to me.

NZ simply will not let me...

And that's that.




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