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Re: Hi Alex

Posted by alexandra_k on May 4, 2019, at 21:35:53

In reply to Re: Hi Alex, posted by alexandra_k on May 4, 2019, at 20:34:58

That's just the way everything works here.

We want someone to build us a bridge.
Or to look after our prisons.
Or whatever.

Then different firms put in bids for the contract. Saying they can do it for x or y or z amount of funds.

Then what seems to happen is that the contract goes to the cheapest bidder.

What doesn't seem to happen is that there is an investigation or inquiry into how it is that they think they can do it for x or y or z amount of funds.

So, how much they are going to pay their workers, for example. Or the quality of the building materials.


The way to get a contract...

Probably the only way to get a contract...

Is to under-quote.

Then part way through the process...

Construction grinds to a halt.

Then more payment must be received for work to resume.

The problem is always deemed to be an 'act of god'. Something unforseeable, usually to do with an aspect of element of the weather.

But people who do think knew it was inevitable.

Not thinking on it was how they managed to get the costing so low.


The really really important thing is you must always aspire to be part of the problem. Profiteering from it. Never this idea of facing up to the problem and working towards a solution...

I started working in March, you see. But the University refuses to acknolwedge that. They didn't start my enrolment until May.

It's like...

You have sprinters. You have middle distance runners. You have marathon runners. You can't expect a sprinter to keep up his pace over middle distance. You can't expect a middle distance runner to complete a middle distance race having done the first portion as a sprint. And the like...

They teach you to play stupid and to be lazy. To pretend to be sprinting because to be actually sprinting over that distance is not possible.

I went in saying 'I'm going to sprint because I am going to get this done'.

I do believe I was paying them because it was their job to teach / help me.

And instead of teaching / helping me. Instead of saying 'look, there's no way the University will let you through without your having handed over 3 semesters of fees' they exploited that.

Which is fine...

But I thought they wanted a med school.

Only, they didn't...

THey wanted students enroling in a 'long degree program' so they could collect many many many years of exhorbitant medical student fees... From graduate students... And instead of actually teaching them anything. Instead of having a developed curriculum for them.. Their idea was they would just call them 'dr' already and basically throw them into communities and say 'here, we have doctors for you! see!'.

And instead of paying the doctors a living wage...

The doctors would just keep throwing enrolment fees at the University, you see.

The government went... No. Even with a one billion dollar 'i'll match you' from private business... They said no. We will not support you having a graduate entry medical degree program.

Because there wasn't a program, you see.

There wasn't a plan.

There was just more money for university administration.




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