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Re: Hi Alex

Posted by alexandra_k on May 4, 2019, at 18:46:38

In reply to Re: Hi Alex, posted by alexandra_k on May 4, 2019, at 18:21:58

There are contradictory things.

There typically are.

For example, the form to apply for social housing will require you to say something false / something that is a lie or you will not be able to submit the application at all.

I mean, that will be built into the software. Only certain values will be allowable, or you cannot advance the form.

I do not mean that people who are ineligable cannot submit the form. I mean that there is an inherent contradicton actually built into the construction of the form such that it is impossible for anyone to complete the form without lying in part of it.

And then the idea is that lying voids your application, you see.

And then what you do (it's genius!) is you make all the applications like that.

The applications for housing and for jobs and for education that leads to jobs (law and engineering and medicine) and so on and so forth... Applications to be considered for jobs like teaching and police and nursing and all the jobs...

So... All the applications... All the applicants... Are ineligable. Technically. Strictly.

Then you can hire / give the places to whomever you antecedently want.

Strictly speaking they're ineligable too... But people don't typically query reasons. People are usually bullied if they do (the idea is that the 'losers' are losers because they are not as good, not as smart etc). You really want to teach a population to internalise the blame / responsibility as much as you can -- being mindful of those suicide rates, of course!!!!

I do wonder...

I guess that's what our Ombudsman's for. So we can take many many generations to sort this sh*t out. While keeping track of the ones who wonder.

Apparently we do have the right to ask for reason.

ANd they cannot appeal to reasons like 'we didn't like your race'. So they need to make up other reasons...

But then you need data...

On the people they pick / accept. Becuase the real issue is whether the reasons to exclude some apparently didn't apply to similarly excluding them.

So it is all about huddling with the herd of the kids of the people who were antecedently picked to do it.

Because of the whole hierarchy thing. And everyone aspires to the same thing: The top! And there is a list of positions in society... That are distributed to the people.

And that's what our government does with the money the world bank gives it.





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