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Re: Hi Alex

Posted by alexandra_k on May 2, 2019, at 0:18:44

In reply to Re: Hi Alex beckett2, posted by alexandra_k on May 1, 2019, at 20:13:44

A hard thing in this country that I find is this attitude that 'everyone wants what you want -- but we cannot afford for everyone to have what it is that you want and therefore you miss out on what you want because not everybody can have it.'

So, this idea that everyone wants to live by themselves in something like a 1 bedroom apartment.

The thing is...

That not many people actually do.

People might 'think' that they do. But then their kids and husband or all their flatmates or whatever actually leave the house for a weekend... Or for a week... And after a couple weeks max... People feel lonely. Prefer for their family / their housemates to come back.

Not all the time, of course. But I think that really rather most of the time people basically would prefer to live with others.

I think it is more that people don't get sufficient alone time to realise how much they do miss others and realise that mostly they prefer to have them around.

I think mostly what people want is to be the head of their household hierarchy. People want others to be around -- but also want the power to make others be scarce when they would prefer that. The power to close doors when they want them closed and open them when they want them open. To have mess and noise when they want mess and noise and to have everything quiet and clean when they want it to be that way.

The idea of equality, then, or fairness, or whatever, comes from life stages.

You start out small and the bigger people boss you around and it is their house so you live under their rules or you leave.

Then you get bigger and it is your turn to be the boss.

So the idea of life-stages becomes important.

Trouble comes when people get to thinking that everyone wants their own 1 bedroom apartment and so you put people in them who want to live communally. Because then they decide it will become the ghetto pad... So people can come visit them and they can express their appreciation by yelling the F word at them lound as their lungs will project it because...

Hell, it's your neighbourhood, too, and everyone must know you are a part of it -- right?

Not sufficient communality or something.

I think the constant noise is sometimes a sign that people want to be packed tighter still.


Or something.




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