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Re: Hi Alex

Posted by alexandra_k on May 4, 2019, at 19:42:46

In reply to Re: Hi Alex, posted by alexandra_k on May 4, 2019, at 18:46:38

I am trying to think what you would have to do to complete a PhD / MPhil research qualification in the minimum enrolment time.

Apparently enrolment time works differently with research degrees, and the academic year does not apply.

So a 120 point undergraduate program of study is around 9 months from start to finish date. Then students have a 3 month summer holiday.

Whereas a 120 point graduate program of study is 1 calendar year.

Best I can figure to complete a qualification in the minimum enrolment time you would need to submit a 3 year (360 point) PhD or a 1 year (120 point) MPhil with 9 months of enrolment left to go.

So, after 27 months PhD enrolment or after 3 months MPhil enrolment.

This is because when you submit the examiners will take 3 months to examine it. You will then be required to spend 6 months making changes to it before submitting it for another round of examination. You are required to have your fees paid up for this. So, if you don't want to have to pay additional fees / don't want to have to extend your enrolment period then you will need to submit your thesis with 9 months of enrolment remaining.

But don't plan on having your thesis accepted by the University at that point. It is just that the University cannot require you to pay any more in fees at that point. But they can withhold your qualification. You can expect them to withhold your qualification as follows.

Firstly, they will take up to 3 months to examine it that second time around. You don't need to be enrolled for this, but they will take the time they will take.

Secondly, they can require you to make still more changes to it before the University will sign off on the hard-copy. Different Universities set different time-frames, here. Mine can get you f*ck*ng around with it for another 10 weeks. So, 2 1/2 months. Another in this country only requires 2 weeks or 1/2 a month of that.

So... When all is said and done...

It could take them... Unsure... How much time before they process your application to enrol. They will say when your enrolment date will start and there isn't anything you can do about that. THey will likely pick an awkward time that obscures the academic year. So... Not allowing you to start until a couple months later...

But from the start of your enrolment...

If I had have submitted my MPhil after 3 months work and they took 3 months to grade it, I make changes for 6 months, they take 3 months to re-grade it, they require 2 1/2 months of changes... That means the 1 year, 120 point program of study takes 17 1/2 months. Or... Very nearly 1 1/2 years. For what is effectively 9 months (1 academic years) work from me.

I submitted my MPhil after 4 months work and the people at the University (including my supervsior) had a screaming tantrum of a fit that I submitted my work 'early'.

Apparently I was actually meant to have worked on it for 12 months.

Then allow 3 months of grading (don't need to be enroled for that).

Then make 6 months of changes (do need to pay more fees for that).

Then allow 3 months of grading (don't need to be enroled for that).

Then up to 2 1/2 months of changes before hardcopy is accepted.

That't a total of 26 1/2 months. Or a couple months over 2 years!

Starting in May (part way through an academic year).

So... Taking up 3 academic years of my life!!!

In other words: The MPhil is the degree they give people when people insist: I'm done in 3 years. I enroled in a degree because you told me it was a 3 year degree and I allowed up to 3 years of my life for it.

But that's only going to happen if they submit after 12 months of enrolment.


There is no way to complete the MPhil in the minimum enrolment time.

It's a fools errand.

We do hear of these cases where people have their work accepted without them being required to make changes...

But you need to ask of those people how long they laboured before they submitted their work for examination.

The idea seems to be that the thing actually is time-dependent.

The rule seems to be that nobody completed in the minimum time.

At the very least the university will extract that 6 months additional payment of fees.


In these parts you can apply for 'limited full time status' it is called. This allows you to keep getting student allowance (a sort of living wage from the government) while you are part time. You can choose to apply for this while you are waiting for examiners, apparently.

It seems to me this 'choice' has the consequence of having students accept part time status.


Is everyone incapable of completing on time?

Do people actually complete on time?

Who completes on time?

Who did they allow through?

Apparently they couldnl't allow me through because it 'wouldn't be fair to other students'.

And I was supposed to be extra compliant because of my desire to do Medicine.

I don't see how this is for the good of us all / for more of us.

Stifling productivity...
Lying about the requirements of teh program of study...
Tricking people into it by lying about the requirements...

That's why they ask you for your timeline early on. To see how they think you will do it...

SO they know better how to stabotage things.

The mistake I made was submitting after 4 months...

And not after 3.

I didn't know they were going to make me re-enrol after 6 months (didn't understandt that always was par for the course / the plan).

But there never was any way they were going to sign off on my completion after 1 academic year. IN time for me to do Med.

They always were planning on me taking more like 5.





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