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Re: Hi Alex

Posted by alexandra_k on May 4, 2019, at 20:19:42

In reply to Re: Hi Alex, posted by alexandra_k on May 4, 2019, at 19:55:17

apparently, again, it is that they do not think.

they calculated my GPA the way they calculated my GPA for the following reason: It was easier for them to do it the way they did it.

they did not have an eye to whether the graduate research degree was completed on a full time or a part time basis. they were going to count it.

they could say that me completing this degree doesn't count because it wasn't completed in the minimum time -- but I would appeal that with the Ombudsman and put in official request for information and the like and it it turned out that they had accepted students to study Medicine on the basis of graduate degrees where they were required to extend their enrolment... I would have a case.

have they done this?

I expect they likely would have... But I suppose I am not sure. Will they look into it? I don't expect they will.

people typically do not think...

I have my GPA calculation so I can ensure they do that properly this year. I don't expect I'll get much of a different score from the UCAT as I did from the UMAT. A slight negative in other words. So it will depend on the interview (again).

some people said they were asked questions that I thought were awful... I think my questions were pretty good / I was pretty lucky. But you get 2 whole minutes to sit with the question before going into the room and surprisingly much can be figured out in that time. And the focus needs to be on what attributes they are examining rather than your actual content, anyway. they don't actually expect you to think...

It's an edge... that people get. gritting their teeth and bearing it. they pin people down and enjoy in watching them squirm. the idea seems to be they won't see them again, anyway. may as well have a little sadistic fun with them on their way out...

i know the whole time line thing is meant to be hush-hush. top secret. you figured it out! you are part of the 'in group'! taking sadistic pleasure in a new batch of students not realising they need to factor in not just their work in their timeline but they need to factor in that everybody who they are required to pass the ball to will drop the ball for as long as they can get away with it...

the university cannot turn down the opportunity to obtain an additional 6 months fees for an additional 6 months enrolment.

it doesn't matter what you do... maximum enrolment time is inevitable.

so the loud myths and legends of people having things swiftly accepted through because they listened to their supervisor and kept post-poning their submission...

is convenient for who?

fear of being failed out is supposed to lead to silence.

would people similarly value these qualities in tehir doctor?
is this how they wish to be treated by those with power over them?

people do not think...
they do not thnik...
htey cannot hear themselves think...
they do not think, at all...




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