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Re: Hi Alex beckett2

Posted by alexandra_k on May 1, 2019, at 20:13:44

In reply to Re: Hi Alex alexandra_k, posted by beckett2 on April 24, 2019, at 19:12:24


Yes, I am very happy about my one bedroom. I really like old houses. Partly because construction has only gone downhill in this country. New builds are typically very cheaply and nastily constructed. People think 'wow it's new' but it turns out to be awful in ways they never imagined possible. Walls even flimsier and less soundproofed than ever before and so on and so forth...

I'm in a building that was constructed 1910. So it's an old building with the high stud. And it's been freshly painted white (to track whether I methamphetamine / mj / cigarette smoke / other substance smoke) contaminate it, no doubt)... But it's very fresh and white and... Stately. I really like it.

It's got that old glass that is... Textured. Bubbly. For privacy but to let the light in.

It's a second story with a balcony. A rather large balcony. I mean... Probably 1/2 the size of my last studio in the city sized balcony... I can sit on the balcony and read (and listen to the trafffic and the road rage) and it's got a half wall concrete partition so nobody can see me. I mean.... If I angle myself just right not even the people from surrounding tower blocks...

And its right across the road from the hospital. And one block from the med school. So I can be all 7th day adventist 'love ya all but I'm going off home for lunch'...

And there are decent coffee shops and so on literally just downstairs...

It is pretty great :)

Some of the downstairs tenants are a bit... Noisy. That is not ideal. Things are noisy... But I have noise cancelling headphones and there are some blissful times of quiet...

My thesis is on stuff to do with disability and equity. I am arguing for empowerment / increased representation through to the highest levels -- otherwise the thing isn't sustainable. Hierarchical people disable others around them to pursue their own advantage but the numbers of disabled people keep rising... Keep rising... Trying to make a case for inclusion to prevent WW3. hahaha. ahahaha. Yeah.

A sort of... Intellectual suicide bomb or something. I don't know.

I recently found Winston Peters (2nd in command / guy who has had balance of power since forever) got to be there because of starting up about genocide against his people... So they decided to include him, instead. Maybe there is a lesson in all that...

Thankyou for saying it is my tiredness talking. I believe you (really). It is tiring mostly feeling like nobody else believes that. Thankyou so very much. I genuinely do agree but it is just so very nice to hear :)

I don't know about the trees... I will look into that.

I am finding american oak in teh shops. Looking for a table...

I don't know what to do.

Acadia, maybe.

A large dining table for a couple place settings to eat, a couple place settings for computer stuff, a couple place settings for study /reading /writing...

Hang in there, you.




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